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Cycling thermostat
PartSelect Number PS11743313
Manufacturer Part Number WP627985
The ice maker thermostat, also known as the cycling thermostat, controls and regulates the ice maker ejection cycle by monitoring the temperature inside the freezer to determine when to release the ice into the bin and start the ice making cycle again. If your ice maker is making unusual noises, or if the ice maker is not making or dispensing ice, there could be an issue with the thermostat. Before you begin this repair, make sure the power is disconnected from your refrigerator, and that any food that may spoil is safely stored. This is an OEM part and is sourced directly from the manufacturer. This thermostat is sold individually, and comes with two attachment clips.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Ice maker won’t dispense ice
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Installation Instructions
Wayne from Leesburg, FL
No ice in ice trey
The easiest thing to do was pull the ice make off. After taking the 3 screws out of the wall of the freezer, take a screwdriver (flathead) and push on the tab for the electrical plug and wiggle the cord out. Then you can take 3 screws out for the main cover and another 2 screws on the next cover. There's the part, pop it out and replace holding pins and start the process of putting back together the opposite way you took it apart. Read more...
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Temperature Sensor
PartSelect Number PS11756166
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10548509
This is a temperature sensor. It may also be known as an ice maker sensor and is used in conjunction with your ice machine. This piece is roughly 3.5 inches long, almost 2.5 inches wide, and includes the necessary wiring connector. You will find this part located in the water pump area of the ice cube maker. The function of this part is to determine the water level within the water reservoir. Once the water level reaches a certain point, the sensor will signal the controls to fill the reservoir.
Installation Instructions
William from LANDRUM, SC
Ice maker would not make ice. I went through diagnostics and it showed the level sensor was not working. Water would continue filling the reservoir and not shut off to start making ice.
Took off several plastic covers to gain better accessibility to the sensor. Had to pull out the whole support piece to get at the part. Took out the old sensor, cleaned the unit as best as possible, then installed the replacement. Turned on the power to the unit and reinstalled all the parts I took out for better viewing and accessibility. Started up the unit and it is slowly building ice, which I will remove and dispose of to start getting clean ice. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS760085
Manufacturer Part Number WR55X10268
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Icemaker Thermostat
PartSelect Number PS297366
Manufacturer Part Number WR29X157
Installation Instructions
Marion from Palm Coast, FL
Refridgerator Freezer stoped making ice
Turned off power, removed cover from Ice maker, checked resistance across thermostat for zero (read open), all other switches read proper value (when activated). Ordered and received thermostat. Removed Ice Maker from freezer, removed two screws holding ice tray to Control Assembly. Removed Thermostat and replaced with new one. Applied Silicone Sealant to face of Thermostat for adhesion to ice tray when assembled. Remounted Ice Tray to Control Assembly and remounted in freezer. Works Great... Read more...
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Control Thermostat
PartSelect Number PS11743012
Manufacturer Part Number WP598235
This part helps prevent the evaporator from freezing over and also determines the thickness of the ice.
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PartSelect Number PS297403
Manufacturer Part Number WR29X201
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Evaporator Thermostat
PartSelect Number PS303485
Manufacturer Part Number WR50X136
Icemaker Thermal Cut-Off
PartSelect Number PS447502
Manufacturer Part Number 3206319
This part is a one-time limit fuse used as a safety device. Once tripped, this part must be replaced.
Installation Instructions
Jeremy from Peoria, AZ
Ice maker stopped producing ice
First I removed ice maker and tested the micro switches and motor individually. Then checked the resistance of the heater element, and the thermostat. All components tested okay and worked individually. However when installed in the freezer the motor would not turn. and if you manually turned the gear in front, which should cycle everything,nothing would happen. Finally, I found one part that I had not checked, the thermal cut-off, and upon removing it, one wire fell off the small square piece. This wire was corroded. I replaced the unit in about 10 minuites and ice maker is working perfectly again. Read more...
PartSelect Number PS447505
Manufacturer Part Number 3206322
The cycling thermostat controls the activation of the icemaker ejection cycle.