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Hose Clamp Kit
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS270806
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2036
This is a water hose clamp kit for a variety of appliances including dishwashers and washers. This is a genuine replacement part. The kit includes two hose clamps. The smaller of the two is 1 inch in diameter while the larger one is 2 inches in diameter. The hose clamps secure the end of the water hose in place to prevent the hose from leaking. If you notice leaking from the hose of your appliance, you may need to replace this kit. Protect your hands with work gloves during this repair to avoid injury.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Richard from Garden City, NY
washer had heavy wet clothes left after spin cycle
The trick is to pull the front cover off by using a putty knife .slide it under the cover at both front will click on each corner.then pull front cover off .lift off the bottom catch hooks.look for the pump on the bottom right side.unplug the wite connector .take 2-5/16 bolts out holding the bracket.then grab a pliers .squeeze the hose clamps and pull the 2 hoses off.assemble new pump. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS212307
Manufacturer Part Number 316379
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PartSelect Number PS274671
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X219
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PartSelect Number PS274806
Manufacturer Part Number WJ14X143
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PartSelect Number PS274807
Manufacturer Part Number WJ14X144
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PartSelect Number PS275337
Manufacturer Part Number WJ20X658
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PartSelect Number PS275358
Manufacturer Part Number WJ20X696
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PartSelect Number PS275838
Manufacturer Part Number WJ26X244
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PartSelect Number PS276124
Manufacturer Part Number WJ28X273
PartSelect Number PS276161
Manufacturer Part Number WJ28X504

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