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Chainsaw Ring - Piston
PartSelect Number PS9482780
Manufacturer Part Number 545160401
Installation Instructions
Marvin from KIRBYVILLE, TX
My neighbor brought the saw to me. It was locked up
He didn't want to spend alot of money on it. So I got the jug (Head) off and sanded it and the piston down while I waited on the new piston ring to get here. I found that it was easier putting the new ring in and the piston back into the jug (Head) was to go ahead and take the piston out so you could turn the jug (Head) upside down and it slid right in. It didn't take no time at all. And it now runs as good as new Read more...
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Chainsaw Kit Piston 50Cc Ldav
PartSelect Number PS9483172
Manufacturer Part Number 576752601
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Chainsaw Retainer-Valve
PartSelect Number PS9074718
Manufacturer Part Number 692194
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Chainsaw Kit Cylinder 50Cc Ldav
PartSelect Number PS9483173
Manufacturer Part Number 576752701
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Chainsaw Tappet-Valve
PartSelect Number PS9294554
Manufacturer Part Number 690977
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Chainsaw Kit-Piston
PartSelect Number PS9472711
Manufacturer Part Number 530071883
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Chainsaw Rotor W/Starter Pawl
PartSelect Number PS9936696
Manufacturer Part Number 300952002
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Chainsaw Seat-Needle Valve
PartSelect Number PS9064037
Manufacturer Part Number 692134
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Chainsaw Valve-Exhaust
PartSelect Number PS8919132
Manufacturer Part Number 211119S