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Admiral Microwave Plate Nut
PartSelect Number PS11741518
Manufacturer Part Number WP3400029
This size 10 plate nut with 32 threads per inch is located in your household appliances. It securely fastens various parts together, such as panels, brackets, and accessories, to the frame. It features a built-in washer and is also known as a captured nut or a caged nut. If the secured components feel loose, wobbly, or are coming apart, it may indicate that the nut has lost its grip or become stripped. To maintain stability and safety, it is crucial to replace a broken or faulty plate nut. Refer to your user guide to access the plate nut on your specific appliance model, which could be near the console, along the door, or on the tub support. Once located, loosen it using a wrench or pliers. Keep in mind that this OEM fastener is sold individually, so make sure to determine the quantity needed before making a purchase. It is also advisable to keep spare plate nuts on hand for future repairs.
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Admiral Microwave Hex Nut
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PartSelect Number PS11742711
Manufacturer Part Number WP488130
This hex nut is an authentic Whirlpool part that is sourced directly from the original equipment manufacturer, and will fit a variety of appliances including ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dishwashers. It is a metal part with a threaded hole to fasten parts in the appliance together. It is common for this part to wear out; it is recommended to order a spare. To replace this part the tools needed are a nut driver or wrench. This nut features a built-in external tooth lock washer, which is used to help keep the nut in place.
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Craig from Westminster, CA
cocktails running out of ice
filled both ice cube trays up with water and placed in the freezer.. within hours my ice oproduction was doubled! no more warm cocktails : ) Read more...
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Admiral Microwave Ice Cube Tray
PartSelect Number PS11743133
Manufacturer Part Number WP61002140
This ice cube tray is located inside your refrigerator and is eleven inches long, with 48 molds. It comes in white and is made entirely from plastic. If your tray is broken, cracked, or damaged, replacing this part can solve the problem. Here are some ice cube tray tips to consider: the easiest way to release the cubes is by giving the tray a twisting motion from both sides. If that does not work, set it on your counter for a couple minutes until the tray warms up and it should work. Remember not to beat the tray, especially on a hard surface, to prevent damage. Refer to manual instructions provided by the manufacturer if needed.
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Admiral Microwave Drier (Service)
PartSelect Number PS11749031
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10143759
This drier may also be known as a refrigerator ultra-violet dye drier or a filter drier and is meant to be used with your fridge. This piece is a filter for the refrigerant that moves through the refrigerators sealed-system. The most common reason you will need to replace the filter is if your fridge/freezer is not starting. You should consider having this piece installed by an appliance repair technician that is trained and licensed. Installing this part requires specialized knowledge and tools. The installation will require the service technician to recover and recharge the refrigerant in the refrigerators sealed-system.

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