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Start Relay
PartSelect Number PS11742407
Manufacturer Part Number WP4356738
The start relay briefly boosts the compressor, and then shuts off as soon as the motor gets up to speed.
Installation Instructions
Bonnie from CARLSBAD, CA
Deep Freezer leaked, warmed up to about 60 degrees, door no longer pulled shut when closing
You should know that the freezer leaked for months before it warmed up. It's not connected to water (no ice maker in it) so I figured it was ice build-up that was melting and causing the leak.

When it warmed up I called a repairman who said the start relay was bad and estimated $500 to replace it. I disputed this because the compressor was running. I asked him if perhaps the freon was low, he said if it was, we should dispose of the freezer.

I even asked him to take $300 to replace that relay, but he refused so I paid him his service fee and sent him on his way. Turns out even $300 would've been a ripoff.

I watched several videos on diagnosing warm freezers. I tried contacting many online parts stores but was the only one that answered and had kind and patient techs willing to explain things to me.

I tested the evaporator fan motor, which turned out to be bad. The tech recommended other parts that might also be bad so I put them all into the shopping cart, including the overload (by accident, not sure how I got that one as I did not need the overload for this repair). I did buy the relay in case the unethical repair guy was right about the relay being bad.

The parts arrived quickly and the diagrams/video supplied by this site were very helpful. I used my cell phone to take photos of everything before I started so I could put all wires back in their proper places, etc.


Very easy to replace. I removed the cover panel as instructed, and removed the screws holding the motor with my nutdriver. The blades slid off the motor nice and easy--I did not have to fiddle with the clip at all, just slid them off and on.

There is a third hole in the white bracket that worried me because I didn't see a corresponding third hole in the photo online of that part. But when it arrived, it did have the hole so I was able to plug it in just fine.

I removed the middle wire from the old part's white bracket NOT by pulling on it. I removed it by gently pushing an allen wrench into the hole and then the wire came out easily so it could be plugged into the new part.

Very easy overall to replace the Evaporator Fan Motor.


Another very easy to replace part! Find the old part, unplug it and plug in the new part! Once the panel is removed to access the fan, you can hold up the new part and use it to find the old one. In this model it was easy to find.


This was on the back of my freezer, in the cavity that holds the compressor. Once I located it, it was a simple thing to replace it. I used the nut driver to unscrew the screws and unplugged it, plugged in the new one, put the screws back... super simple.


This was the scariest for me but turned out to be simple. I had to lie on the ground to get close enough and position a bright light so I could see everything clearly. (I'm a 60-year-old gal with poor eyesight and creaky bones!) The cell phone came in handy here to take up close photos of the assembly.

Another difficult step: grabbing the relay to pull it out. It was difficult to gain purchase on it but I finally figured it out.

A third difficulty (only for me) was pulling off the terminals without damaging the wire. I followed the video closely here, grabbed the terminals and not the wire and worked at them to pull them off. They were on very tight, difficult but I did get them off.

Installing the new relay was easy. Attach the terminals (cell phone photo of original part helped me ensure I got the right wires to the right place) and plug it in (cell phone helped again so I could line up the pins before pushing).

The old part rattled just barely -- so perhaps it WAS on its way out, but certainly not worth a $500 repair the repairman wanted! And as you will see, it was not the only thing not working in our this freezer.

The freezer started right up -- compressor humming nicely -- but after 24 hours it was only 60 degrees. At that point I called and they spent a long time with me on the phone. We decided it might be leaking freon but they don't have parts or info on adding freon.

I researched "how to add freon to your freezer" and found a great video by Vegas Romaniac on youtube.

Turns out you need to make sure your gauge has a DVA-1 adapter; the link in the youtube video sends you to an old-style gauge, so if you buy that one you'll need to go to Walmart for a DVA-1 adapter ($3).

Another issue: the green gasket in that gauge prevented it from seating properly, it took me a very long time before it finally seated and pierced the can...
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PartSelect Number PS11743284
Manufacturer Part Number WP61006294
This part helps protect the motor from overheating. The relay is sold separately.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Steven from Mobile, AL
stopped running
replaced overload, but the start relay looked different, and wasn't sure how to replace it.Unit is now running Read more...
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Drier (Service)
PartSelect Number PS11749031
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10143759
This drier may also be known as a refrigerator ultra-violet dye drier or a filter drier and is meant to be used with your fridge. This piece is a filter for the refrigerant that moves through the refrigerators sealed-system. The most common reason you will need to replace the filter is if your fridge/freezer is not starting. You should consider having this piece installed by an appliance repair technician that is trained and licensed. Installing this part requires specialized knowledge and tools. The installation will require the service technician to recover and recharge the refrigerant in the refrigerators sealed-system.
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Compressor Start Relay
PartSelect Number PS358648
Manufacturer Part Number 4318083
Overload is sold separately. The start relay briefly boosts the compressor, and then shuts off as soon as the motor gets up to speed.
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PartSelect Number PS9494754
Manufacturer Part Number W10619807
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PartSelect Number PS11727779
Manufacturer Part Number W10823815
This kit includes the relay, overload, start capacitor and drier.
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Compressor Kit
PartSelect Number PS3502187
Manufacturer Part Number W10439652
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PartSelect Number PS2071985
Manufacturer Part Number 68001422
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PartSelect Number PS3651411
Manufacturer Part Number W10473567

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