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Direct Drive Motor Coupling
PartSelect Number PS1485646
Manufacturer Part Number 285753A
This direct drive motor coupling (Direct Drive Washer Motor Coupling, Motor Coupling, Washer Motor Coupling, Coupling Kit) provides a cushioned connection between the transmission and the motor shaft. It attaches to the direct-drive transmission and the motor shaft. If this part is defective it will affect the agitator in your washer because of its direct connection with the motor. Your washer may not agitate, spin slowly, or not spin at all. The coupling must be replaced when there is no longer a consistent connection between the transmission and the motor shaft. The coupling can wear over time because of its location between two major parts of the dryer. It is subject to material fatigue over time from normal use, or breakage caused by frequent overloading. The part measures approximately 2 inches in diameter, and is constructed of plastic and metal. This model comes in black/white.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Jeff from Wayne, NJ
No movement from Basket & agitator
The job looked intimidating but turned out to be very easy.
First take off the water pump by removing the two clips that hold it in place. Place a shallow pan under the pump to catch the water that is in the pump and hoses. Open the hose clamps with a pair of pliers or channel locks (better) and slide the hoses off of the water pump.
The motor comes off next. Unplug the electrical connector from the motor and two wires from the capacitor. Remove the two screws holding the clamps in place and then pop off the two clamps. You will need to hold up the motor with one hand while you remove the clamps or it will fall to the floor once the clamps are removed.
One piece of the coupling assemble will be attached to the motor and the other will be attached to the gearcase drive shaft. If you want to clean up the mess created by the shredded rubber center piece of the coupling assembly you will have to take off the motor mounting plate. It is held on by two bolts and removing it makes installing the coupling easier but probably not necessary.
Push the back half of the coupling on to the gearcase drive shaft until the shaft is flush with the face of the coupling. Install the new rubber center piece on to the coupling then re-install the motor mounting plate. Install the other half of the coupling on to the motor shaft and lift the motor up to the coupling. You have to rotate the motor shaft by spinning the fan blades until the coupling lines up so you can slide it into the other half of the coupling. Then just reattach the motor, connectors and water pump in the reverse order of disassembly.
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Drain Pump Kit
PartSelect Number PS1485610
Manufacturer Part Number 280187
This pump helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period of time. This part is used on front load models.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Donald from Wichita, KS
Washer would not drain ,F02 and SUD code displaying
(1) First I unpluged the washer then I removed the water from the tube with a water vac.(2) Then I removed the three (3) screws that holds the front panel, using a Torx T-20 socket. ( this is a front load washer ). The panel is below the loading door.
(3) I packed towels under the washer.
(4) I slowly removed the cleanout in the front of the pump, using the water vac to catch the water as it leaked out.
(5) I removed the wiring to the motor.
(6) I removed the screw that holds the pump in place with a Torx T-20 socket.
(7) I pulled the pump forward so the clamps that hold the drain hose and discharge hose could be removed using the hose clamp pliers. ( they come off much easier then they go back on ).
(8) I tested the pump and found it would run but was making a lot of noise and running slow.
(9) To reinstall start with number (7) and work backwards to number (1) skipping (3) and (4).
Don Kramer
Wichita, Kansas
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2-Speed Drive Motor - 60Hz 120V
PartSelect Number PS11743427
Manufacturer Part Number WP661600
This is a 2-speed drive motor for your washing machine. The motor rotates the spin basket when the washing machine is in spin or tumbling mode. You will likely need to replace the motor if you are experiencing burning smells or your washer will not start. The tools you will need to make this repair include a number two Phillips screwdriver, a flat-blade screwdriver, and a 5/16 nut driver.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Burning smell
  • Pumps but will not spin
  • Will not agitate
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Lowell from Dover, DE
Washer had water leak in lower front and would not drain.
Laid the washer on its back and found leak in water pump. Found out it was caused by vibration from motor with bad bearing. Removed pump and motor which were held on by clips. Both were removed and replaced without removing cabinet from machine. Read more...
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Washer Motor Rotor
PartSelect Number PS10064560
Manufacturer Part Number W10754161
The motor rotor connects to the spin basket shaft and rotates the spin basket
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Motor Stator Assembly
PartSelect Number PS11754517
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10419333
This part acts like an agitator and creates a magnetic field that pushes on the magnets in the rotor to make it move.
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Direct Drive Heavy Duty Coupling
PartSelect Number PS1485647
Manufacturer Part Number 285852A
This coupling kit is used between the motor and the transmission on direct drive heavy duty washers with no belt.
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PartSelect Number PS11727863
Manufacturer Part Number W10836348
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Drive Motor
PartSelect Number PS11757089
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10677715
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MOTOR Assembly - 1/3 HP
PartSelect Number PS11726282
Manufacturer Part Number W10832724
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Washer Drive Motor
PartSelect Number PS11770267
Manufacturer Part Number W11026785
The drive motor spins the spin basket and drives the agitator or spin basket in the agitation or tumbling mode.

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