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Connector Assembly – Part Number: 4933DD3001B
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Connector Assembly
PartSelect Number PS3524406
Manufacturer Part Number 4933DD3001B
This dishwasher door hinge cable assembly connects the door to the spring. The door hinge cable and the door spring apply tension to the door to prevent it from dropping open too quickly. This part contains two plastic pieces which are approximately 2 inches in length by 3/4-inch in width, as well as a rope portion that measures approximately 8 inches in length. When beginning this repair, be sure to use caution when replacing the door hinge cable. The spring to which the door hinge cable attaches is under tension and could snap. This part is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door latch failure
Door won’t close

Installation Instructions
Charles from DENNIS, MA says,

Dishwasher door became heavy and would fall to the floor if you didn't hold it up.
Removed mounting screws from sides of disher. Removed broken piece of connector assy still attached to hinge. Attached new connector assy to hinge then looped it around pulley with spring attached to ...read more

Roller Assembly – Part Number: 4581DD3003B
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Roller Assembly
PartSelect Number PS3523051
Manufacturer Part Number 4581DD3003B
The dishwasher roller assembly connects to the dishrack, and is located in the upper level of the dishwasher. It allows the dishrack to easily slide in and out. If the upper rack keeps falling off the track in your dishwasher, makes noises, the door will not close, or the dishes are not getting clean, then it is best to replace it for more security. A flat blade screw driver is the only tool needed for this installation. Open the upper dishwasher rack and remove retaining tabs from both ends of the rack and slide it out. Locate the older roll assembly, remove it and replace the rollers. Remember to put the tabs on each side back before sliding it back in. Make sure the dishwasher is off before starting this installation project.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Thomas from BOYNTON BEACH, FL says,

Two Rollers missing on lower tray.
Snapped the rollers on....read more

Roller with Axle – Part Number: 4581DD3002A
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Roller with Axle
PartSelect Number PS3523050
Manufacturer Part Number 4581DD3002A
The rack roller and axle in your dishwasher allows the dish rack to slide in and out effectively.If you notice that your dish rack is not performing this function, or if one or more of your rack rollers are damaged, you should consider replacing it. The roller attaches to the dish rack with the axle, both are included in this part. This part is gray in color, and measures 1 inch in diameter. With the axle, this part is approximately 1-1/2 inches wide. To access the rack roller and axle, you will need to remove the top dish rack from your dishwasher.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Spring,Hinge – Part Number: 4970ED4004G
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PartSelect Number PS3524564
Manufacturer Part Number 4970ED4004G
The door spring, used in dishwashers, adds tension to the door through the door hinge to keep it from opening too fast. If you have a door latch failure or your washer door drops too quickly when opened, it is best you replace this part to fix the problem. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and further repair guidance. Unplug your dishwasher from the power source before you begin this repair project as a safety precaution.
Fixes these symptoms
Door latch failure

Installation Instructions
Gregory L from INDEPENDENCE, OH says,

Broken door spring allows the door to overextend to the floor if not propped.
Simple, removed screws securing machine in the cabinet, then pull the unit out of the cabinet space about 10 inches. Springs are accessible within this extension. You need strong hands to extend the s...read more

Pump Gasket – Part Number: MFZ32863101
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Pump Gasket
PartSelect Number PS3535690
Manufacturer Part Number MFZ32863101
This is a pump gasket, also known as a pump housing seal, for a dishwasher. The gasket is fitted around the edge of the pump, preventing leakage between the pump housing and the filter housing. Located at the bottom of the dishwasher, the pump circulates and drains water from the dishwasher. Age and dishwasher detergents can dry out the pump gasket and cause it to fail and leak. Leak from the pump is not always noticeable until you remove access panels from your appliance. This part is made of rubber and is black in color. It is an OEM part from the genuine manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Not cleaning dishes properly
Not draining

Circulation Pump Motor - 120V 60Hz – Part Number: 4681EA2002H
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Circulation Pump Motor - 120V 60Hz
PartSelect Number PS3523285
Manufacturer Part Number 4681EA2002H
On a washer, this part is used for circulating the water. On a dishwasher, it is used for draining the water during operation. If you notice your appliance is not draining properly, the circulation pump motor may need to be replaced. If this part is for your washer, you may notice your clothes are not cleaning properly. In your washer, to access this part you will need to remove the entire front panel. The circulation pump is 120 volts and 30 watts. The part is white in color and is sold individually. This OEM part comes directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Not draining
Will not drain

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Door Gasket - Black – Part Number: 3920DD3005A
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Door Gasket - Black
PartSelect Number PS3522654
Manufacturer Part Number 3920DD3005A
This is a door gasket for a dishwasher. It creates a watertight seal between the dishwasher door and tub to prevent leaking while the appliance is in use. The gasket is approximately 76 inches long and is black in color. The gasket could become dry and brittle over time which can cause a leak, forcing you to replace it. After removing the old door gasket, clean the empty crevice to ensure a proper seal when you install the replacement gasket. To install the replacement gasket after cleaning the area, simply push the new part into place around the door.
Fixes these symptoms

Accessory Assembly – Part Number: 5001DD4001A
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Accessory Assembly
PartSelect Number PS3525525
Manufacturer Part Number 5001DD4001A
This is an accessory assembly, otherwise known as a mounting bracket kit, for a dishwasher. This kit includes two brackets, a hose clamp, and two screws. The brackets are perforated so they can be cut or broken to the desired length if they stick out from underneath the countertop. The accessory kit is used to mount the dishwasher to the side of the cabinet or underside of the countertop, depending on your appliance. This kit can be used with both top or side mounting applications. Be sure to use work gloves when completing this repair to avoid injury. This is a genuine replacement part.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
HOSE ASSEMBLY, DRAIN – Part Number: AEM69493807
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PartSelect Number PS11732679
Manufacturer Part Number AEM69493807
Replacement dishwasher drain hose. Per the manufacturer if the drain hose being replaced does not have the vent tube going to the water inlet assembly a new water inlet will be needed.
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PartSelect Number PS3579323
Manufacturer Part Number 4681ED3001D
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part