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Main Cooktop - Black
3 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS2364105
Manufacturer Part Number 316531960
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Main Cooktop Glass Assembly, Black
PartSelect Number PS2581819
Manufacturer Part Number 316531983
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Glass Main Top - Black
PartSelect Number PS1149654
Manufacturer Part Number 318223614
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PartSelect Number PS2379110
Manufacturer Part Number 318225606
Range Smoothtop
PartSelect Number PS12365364
Manufacturer Part Number 5304513244
This main top is for ranges. The main top provides a stable cooking surface and houses the surface cooking burners. Unplug the range before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
PartSelect Number PS1991572
Manufacturer Part Number 316411244
Metal Cooktop
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS461899
Manufacturer Part Number 5303293761
Installation Instructions
Jerry from Afton, OK
Old top was rusty and terminal block was cystelized and dangeling
Remove burners, liners and screws in modular plug's (Terminal Block's). Remove two screws under front lip,(open oven door, to gain access)raise top of stove to access screws at the rear hinge's (its easier to remove screws on the pivot and the support). Remove the grounding screw at center rear of top. Lift top off. Replace in reverse order. As a matter of information,the smallest tip will be needed. To replace the terminal block, use a small pair of needel nose pliers to squeeze the electric wire ends from inside the terminal block, plug the wires into new treminal block, no need to worry about which wire goes in which side. Read more...
Main Top - Black
PartSelect Number PS2203355
Manufacturer Part Number 316202387
PartSelect Number PS2581818
Manufacturer Part Number 316531982
Maintop Glass & Frame - Black
PartSelect Number PS1148290
Manufacturer Part Number 316421291

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