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Main Cooktop Glass Assembly, Black
PartSelect Number PS2581819
Manufacturer Part Number 316531983
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Main Cooktop - Black
PartSelect Number PS2364105
Manufacturer Part Number 316531960
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PartSelect Number PS2368560
Manufacturer Part Number 316531953
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Glass Main Top - Black
PartSelect Number PS1149654
Manufacturer Part Number 318223614
PartSelect Number PS3409033
Manufacturer Part Number 316531948
This is used to replace the range maintop
Range Smoothtop
PartSelect Number PS12365364
Manufacturer Part Number 5304513244
This main top is for ranges. The main top provides a stable cooking surface and houses the surface cooking burners. Unplug the range before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
Main Cooktop Glass - Black
PartSelect Number PS1149381
Manufacturer Part Number 318223640
Maintop Glass Black
PartSelect Number PS900003
Manufacturer Part Number 318223626
Installation Instructions
Timothy from Enterprise, AL
Main top was cracked
Helps to have another person, but you can do it alone. Starting with the 6 screws under control panel, disassemble the panel entirely. Remove control knobs and twist off the 4 black retaining washers, remove panel. Pull wire harness connections apart. Unscrew 6 screws holding metal plate with the control knob stems and remove. Unhook wire harnesses. Take out all screws holding plastic control panel shell and lift it off. Take out all screws behind it and on 2 brackets underneath on either side.
Now go around sides and back of oven taking out screws near the bottom of the cooktop. Top with pan assembly lifts off. Turn assembly upside down and remove screws holding the metal pan. Remove spring clips holding down all heating elements (you can bend the metal tabs holding the clips to help) and squeeze and remove indicator lights. Transfer all to new top and reverse.
Hints: Check placement of elements carefully on the new top. Use a plastic knife to help bend the new tabs up for the retaining clips. When replacing the metal pan, the front edge of the pan goes outside the bracket of the cooktop, the other 3 sides go inside. When replacing the plastic control panel shell put the top edge and gasket down first then swing the bottom down. Check that it is seated flush over the metal flange along the bottom. Double check all wire connections! They come off easily. Enjoy your new cooktop while it lasts.
Main Cooktop Glass - Black
PartSelect Number PS1991909
Manufacturer Part Number 316531902
PartSelect Number PS2369129
Manufacturer Part Number 318916905

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