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PartSelect Number PS5136127
Manufacturer Part Number W10537869
Also know as a diverter valve. This diverter motor is for dishwashers. Diverter motor controls the flow of water to the spray arms. Unplug the dishwasher and shut off the water supply before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Leaking
  • Not cleaning dishes properly
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Dennis from PORTAGE, MI
Diverter valve was leaking.
After shutting off electricity, lay dishwasher on it's side (use a towel to absorb any water) then just use nut driver to remove faulty valve. Read more...
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Dishwasher Pump Motor
PartSelect Number PS11765780
Manufacturer Part Number W10894668
The pump motor delivers water to the spray arms to clean the dishes during the wash cycle.
Installation Instructions
Dishes not coming clean
Replace motor-pump. All was as advertised plus the surprise of included outlet hose. I didn't have the tool to operate the clamp, it leaked, so I replaced it with a stainless worm gear type. Read more...
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Circulation Pump Motor and Impeller Assembly
PartSelect Number PS11757387
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10757216
Installation Instructions
Kenneth from PAHRUMP, NV
no water reached top rack spinners
Removed DW following great instructions for our unit at: repairclinic.
Problem when removing actual pump as a thin metal screen fell out after. Cleaned it and tried to reinstall the screen. It took over an hour figuring out how the screen went back in as it was cut to fit a certain way and had to try it over and over blindly then try to get it to stay before putting in pump. Finally put DW on its face. It was almost two hours after starting that everything was done exactly as instructed.

Started washer. Water came in perfectly. After about two minutes when the washer arms would start there was a horrible grinding sound and we promptly turned it off. My wife gave up the fight and is washing dishes by hand. That was a $172.00 experience.
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Wash Motor with Pump
PartSelect Number PS2341124
Manufacturer Part Number 6-919963
Installation Instructions
salvaged dishwasher--no motor
Replacing motor assembly was hard because gasket difficult to compress. Had to carefully use car jack to push down on motor assembly to engage final clamp.

Result was $800 dishwasher for $20 plus $200 for parts.

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PartSelect Number PS11749156
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10155595
Fixes these symptoms
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PartSelect Number PS2579599
Manufacturer Part Number W10200940
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Pump Motor Shaft Seal
PartSelect Number PS451182
Manufacturer Part Number 5300803903
This pump motor shaft seal will help prevent the water inside the dishwasher from leaking around the shaft of the motor.
Fixes these symptoms
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PartSelect Number PS2341119
Manufacturer Part Number 6-919922
The pump gasket and seal kit included in this assembly can each be ordered separately.
Installation Instructions
George from Poughkeepsie, NY
Wash motor not pumping and making a grinding sound
I went to PartSelect and found the parts pictorial. A replacement motor was listed for 3 series of the dishwasher. The series can be identified by the first 2 digits of the dishwasher serial number. Mine was 22 so I needed parts for the series 20 dishwasher.

According to the pictorial it looked like the motor seals were included with the replacement motor. When the motor arrived, I found the seals were not included. I called PartSelect and they shipped the seals to me with free overnight delivery.

I had no trouble disassembling the wash manifold and spray parts using the instructions provided with the replacement motor and the instructions from the Maytag repair manual that I found online. The motor is removed from the inside of the tub.... very nice. You don't need to remove the dishwasher from under the counter in order to get at the motor.

I made a mental note of the orientation of the faulty motor before I removed it. I installed the replacement motor with the same orientation along with the wash parts. The dishwasher worked successfully.

Thank you PartSelect.
  No Longer Available
Motor Shaft Seal Kit
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS452574
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809909
This motor shaft seal kit does not include a macerator blade, but does come with wash and drain impellers(upper and lower).
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Trevor from LOGAN, UT
Water leaking from motor shaft under dishwasher
- Switch off circuit breaker for dishwasher.
- Remove lower front covers from washer to observe motor (for later steps) and to clean-up water.
- Remove top and bottom dishracks.
-You may want to take pics of the placement/orientation of components in the following steps as you disassemble them for reference during reassembly.
- Remove spray-arm base from pump housing.
- Remove and discard impeller— put a screwdriver in the impeller grooves to prevent it turning as you loosen the screw.
- Remove impeller, O-ring, and blade. Discard impeller and O-ring, but keep blade (I couldn’t find the O-ring; it had probably disintegrated).
- Remove pump housing, pump plate, and gasket.
- Use two flat-head screwdrivers on opposite sides of the rotor to pry it off the motor shaft. Be cautious not to damage the area around the motor shaft—wood can be used to protect the area and provide better leverage. If the rotor can’t be removed, a chisel or hacksaw can be used to split it before prying it up— be cautious of the motor shaft when splitting the rotor. Discard the rotor.
- Locate the upper seal, note its orientation (cup-side-down), remove it, and discard it (my upper seal was in the recess in the bottom of the rotor).
-Drive the shaft-key (small metal tab) out of the shaft groove using a hammer and flat-head screwdriver and discard it— the new rotor has a molded-in tab that will slide into the groove in place of the shaft-key.
- Remove ceramic ring from motor shaft and discard it (my leak was caused because the ceramic ring was broken in half).
- Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry loose the lower seal—before removing it from the shaft, note its orientation (wide-side-down). Be caution not to damage the area around the motor shaft—wood may again be used for protection and leverage.

- Clean shaft with wire brush, white vinegar, and a rag (you may not need the wire brush if the shaft is in good shape, but my motor shaft was heavily corroded/rusted and I needed to smooth it to prevent it damaging the seals). Clean groove in motor shaft with flat-head screwdriver and rag.
- Use a rag and white vinegar to clean motor shaft recess and pump housing seat. The bottom of the motor shaft recess must be clean and smooth for the lower seal to seat properly.
- Clean pump plate, gasket, blade, pump housing, and screws with white vinegar and a plastic-bristled brush.

-Wet new rubber seals, new ceramic ring, and new rotor with water to help them slide into place.
-Refer to pics taken during disassembly as needed for the following steps.
- Place new lower seal (wide-side-down) over motor shaft in bottom of recess.
-Push new upper seal (cup-side-down) into recessed area in the bottom of the new rotor.
-Push new ceramic ring into upper seal (cup-side) in bottom of rotor.
-Align groove on motor shaft with tab in rotor (a mark on the outside of the rotor shows the tab’s location) and seat rotor on the motor shaft by hand. Verify that the motor turns when the rotor is turned by hand. If not, remove the rotor and reposition it so that its tab slides into the groove in the motor shaft.
-Place gasket, pump plate, and pump housing in position. Start pump housing screws, but leave them loose.
- Place blade and new O-ring on rotor.
- Place new impeller on rotor and insert screw. Tighten moderately — overtightening could cause leaks. Hold the impeller by hand to prevent it turning as the screw is tightened— do not use a screwdriver to prevent the impeller turning.
- Finish tightening pump housing screws.
- Seat spray-arm base on pump housing and insert/tighten its mounting screws.
- Switch on circuit breaker for dishwasher.
- Start washer and watch motor to verify that shaft seal is not leaking. Run a full cycle to rinse the new parts and remove debris and vinegar residue. Continue to observe motor shaft area for leaks during cycle.
-Replace lower front covers.

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