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Top Burner Mounting Screw with Washer
PartSelect Number PS437925
Manufacturer Part Number 316069301
This is now a new zinc and black-coated screw that will resist rust and seizing.
Installation Instructions
robert from san diego, CA
i had 2 bad igniters
Since the burner was rusted I decided to replace the entire burner not just the igniter. Ifound that it was more cost effective to put in all new instead of a cheap quick fix. I took a socket wrench to the screws and a cresent wrench for the gas lines. Shut off gas first. Disconnect gas lines first then unscrew the three screws remove then replace with new burner attach screws connect gas lines. Turn on gas check for leaks close cover all finished. Read more...
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Steel Washer
PartSelect Number PS436497
Manufacturer Part Number 316008401
This steel washer is also known as the range washer and is used on your oven door. The measurements for the steel washer are a three quarter inch outer diameter, and a one quarter inch inner diameter. This washer is an OEM part, made of steel, which is sourced directly from the manufacturer. This specific steel washer is used with your range, to secure the inner and outer door together and to secure the oven door handle back in place. Users have ranked this repair as a simple installation that should take you less than fifteen minutes to complete.
Installation Instructions
Handle on oven door broke
called around and way to much money for repair man as well as parts from local appliance repair store. They wanted 10.00 for a screw that we got from you for $3.00 same as all the other parts saved over 70.00 dollars.

quick delivery and easy repair ... like new again .

would use you again
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Terminal Block Screw
PartSelect Number PS474106
Manufacturer Part Number 5308014215
Size: 6-20 x 0.312 inch. Sold individually.
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Thermostat Bulb Clip
PartSelect Number PS460519
Manufacturer Part Number 5303284616
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Wafer Head Screw
PartSelect Number PS460629
Manufacturer Part Number 5303285179
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Screw - 8-18 x 1/2 - Black
PartSelect Number PS979383
Manufacturer Part Number 5304436875
Sold individually.
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PartSelect Number PS439674
Manufacturer Part Number 316203400
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PartSelect Number PS438608
Manufacturer Part Number 316099500
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Door/Bracket Screw
PartSelect Number PS423766
Manufacturer Part Number 215822000
Sold Individually.
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Mounting Screw
PartSelect Number PS467647
Manufacturer Part Number 5303323134
Sold individually.

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