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Grease Filter
PartSelect Number PS466987
Manufacturer Part Number 5303319568
If you are having trouble cleaning out your grease filter, or if it is damaged to the point of no return, maybe it is time to replace it. The grease filter is a ventilator that traps grease from the exhaust air. The dimensions of this part are roughly 6 inches wide, by 8 inches deep, and this specific model is silver. Replacing this part is an easy fix as it will snap in and out of place, with no tools required. This part is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Isabel from Setauket, NY
Needed New Grease Filters
Replaced Filters very easy to do
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Relay Switch
PartSelect Number PS979520
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440026
The relay switch may also be known as the door micro switch and is a part for your microwave. The function of this part is to monitor the door latch and communicate whether the door latch is open or closed to the electronic control board. Before making this repair, you will want to make sure to unplug your microwave and discharge the capacitor. Your microwave capacitor is able to store electricity in large quantities even after it has been unplugged. The most common reason for replacing your relay switch is if the microwave will not turn on but your timer still runs..
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Tim from Chicago, IL
Timer would run but the microwave won't start
I first removed the top plate above the microwave door (3 screws), then I removed the plate containing the buttons and clock. The microwave has 3 relay switches and they are in a little holder. The holder was too difficult to remove so I just removed the bottom switch and replaced. The microwave started right up. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS5136235
Manufacturer Part Number 5304488359
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Latch Spring
PartSelect Number PS979582
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440316
The microwave door latch spring creates tension, and engages the door latch when the door is closed. This spring is made completely of metal, and is approximately 1 inch long. If your microwave door will not open or close properly, the microwave will not start. You may need to remove the control panel to gain better access to where the spring attaches, so make sure the power is disconnected from the microwave. This part is sold individually. NOTE: Remember to discharge the capacitor for your microwave before beginning this repair. The capacitor can hold a potentially lethal charge even when the power has been disconnected from the microwave itself.
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Latch
PartSelect Number PS2582995
Manufacturer Part Number 5304477389
This door latch keeps the microwave door closed during operation. The latch is approximately 7 inches long and has 2 hooks to ensure that the door closes properly. The hooks also contact the door switches to provide power to the controls. The microwave will not start unless the door is properly closed, so if you notice that the microwave door is not staying closed, check to ensure that the latch is in working order and is not damaged. The latch assembly is made of plastic and has a spring attached to provide downward tension to keep the hooks engaged. If either of the hooks is broken or does not have any spring tension, you may need to replace the door latch. Before beginning this repair, make sure to unplug the unit and remove the inner door panel to access the door latch.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t shut off
  • Door not closing properly
  • Won’t turn on
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Patricia from CLEARWATER, FL
MW wouldn't stop running- not heating, just running
Went through some anxious hours when I found that the MW would not turn off. The only way was to leave the door open. Not a solution. Tried a appliance repair that I knew, they didn't work on MWs. Spoke to the manufacturer, for $99 would come out and then tell me the real cost to fix. After more searching, even to maybe getting a new MW, (which necessitates getting a new bracket for the over the stove MW. They evidently are not standard, but proprietary to brands. Not good!)Buying a MW, okay, but someone has to put it in. Where are the good old days of selling, delivery, service? I'm from a small town, that's SOP.
I found PartSelect and called them. They didn't have the exact problem I had. They had a FAQ about the MW not starting. Mine wouldn't stop.
After describing what was happening, they had it in one. Looked at the plastic latch, bottom was curved out of shape. Door wouldn't close properly, causing it to run. It didn't heat, just ran. I ordered the parts. A spring and a latch. They came in quickly and my son and I began the repair. Found a You Tube on a similar type of door and they posited it might be the latch with step by step to follow. Ran back and forth from computer to kitchen.
Now, we didn't have the right tools to go along with the video we were watching. A long thin blade (about 12 inches) knife was used as the putty knife to pry up the edging that held the door glass. My son's long thin tiny philips screwdriver he uses to fix toys worked for the really tiny screws that held the latch part. We didn't have long nose pliers, but we messed up that part anyway, forgot to put in the new spring with the new latch. We worked it by hand and it went back together. Put it all together and discovered we forgot to put those tiny screws back at the latch. Wrestled the door back on and started it. Almost had a heart attack as it still was running when off. So unplugged,let it reset and it's been fine. Think it probably would have gone smoother with the proper tools. Anyway, glad I found PartSelect and that it was a relatively easy fix, even for those without tools and experience. A am a retiree, so don't feel you can't do it. Thank you so much PartSelect.
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Microwave Surface Light Bulb
PartSelect Number PS1765541
Manufacturer Part Number 5304461116
This light bulb is for microwaves. Light bulb illuminates the surface below the microwave or the interior of the microwave. Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged, a service technician should install this part unless the owner's manual includes instructions for installing the light bulbs.
Installation Instructions
George from LONGVIEW, TX
lamp replacement
Not done yet. Expecting a lot of difficulty. Model is for counter top only; building contractor installed it over the range, under the cabinets. Read more...
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Glass Cooking Tray
PartSelect Number PS979771
Manufacturer Part Number 5304441872
The glass tray, used in a microwave, holds food plates and containers on it. The glass tray, also known as a turntable, rotates when the microwave is heating up food to ensure the plate of food is evenly heated. If your glass tray is broken, shattered, or is not rotating when heating, it is best to replace it for better heating results. The tray has dimensions of 33 x 35.6 x 2.5 cm and weighs 455 grams. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and guidance.
Installation Instructions
Zbigniew from Merritt Island, FL
missing parts
replaced
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High Voltage Diode
PartSelect Number PS2339491
Manufacturer Part Number 5304467670
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Max from Palmetto, FL
Making a humming noise and no heat
Your website indicate this maybe the rectifier , I order the part and replace it. Less than 10 minutes the microwave was fix. Thank you for diagnostic Read more...
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Light Bulb - 20W
PartSelect Number PS979525
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440031
This 20-watt lightbulb is most commonly found in the microwave. The lightbulb brightens the interior of the microwave while it is running so you can keep an eye on the food while it cooks. You will need to unplug the microwave while performing this repair. Microwaves continue to have an electrical charge directly after being unplugged, so please use caution. To access the light bulb, you will need to remove the outer cover surrounding the bulb on the top of the inside of the microwave. This is an OEM part that comes right from the manufacturer.
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Door Open Lever
PartSelect Number PS3506555
Manufacturer Part Number 5304485407
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
The microwave door was stuck shut, because the p;lastic piece internal was broken...
first of all, ordered the right piece, second, brought the right handyman to help...getting the over/microwave out as one piece took some doing...then the cover of the microwave had to come off...once we got to the piece itself, it was no issue... then putting it all back together...took about two hours...he needed our assistance because of thew weight and the need to pull the units out simultaneously Read more...

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