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Light Bulb - 40W
63 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS884734
Manufacturer Part Number 8009
This an authentic OEM 40-Watt replacement light bulb, used in a number of household appliances. It is specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, which is why these replacement bulbs are most often used to light the inside of refrigerators and ranges. It features a standard socket base, which means you simply unscrew the burnt-out bulb and screw in the replacement. Depending on the appliance you may require a screwdriver or nut driver to access the light bulb. We recommend you wear work gloves while handling this replacement part. It is constructed of glass and metal and is sold individually. Depending on the appliance and location of the bulb within it, you may want to consider disconnecting power and using a flashlight for easier access to unscrewing and re-screwing in your bulb during this repair.
Installation Instructions
judie from mays landing, NJ
interior drawers were off their rollers
pulled the washer out and replaces the top roller system on both sides and the replaced the weels and brackets on the bottom drwaer. however i had trouble putting the dish washer back correctly and had to call a repairman to adjust the dishwasher and alighn it to open and close properly. but i did do good inside. i feel it was easy and a success. thank you for having the supplies for us to attempt to repair it on our own. Read more...
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Light Bulb
4 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11749457
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10169757
This is a replacement light bulb to illuminate the inside of your oven. It is 25 watts and 120 volts. Please wear gloves during replacement if your existing bulb is shattered. Consider ordering a spare as this is a common wear part.
Installation Instructions
Replace KitchenAid oven light bulbs
Pull the end of the lens nearest the oven door out of the oven wall. Because our oven is several years old and the bulbs had not been previously changed, I could not pull the lens out with my hand, so used two small screwdriver under the metal tabs which hold the lens in place, the metal holder came out with the lens. Once the lens is removed, simply pull out the old bulb and, either while wearing surgical gloves or holding the bulb with a cloth (do NOT allow bare skin to touch the bulb or you will be replacing it again sooner rather than later), push the new bulb's pins into the socket. The lens then is simply pushed back into place. Read more...
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Bi-Pin Halogen Bulb
10 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11744355
Manufacturer Part Number WP74009925
This part is a replacement halogen lamp for your oven. The bulb is 25 watts and 120 volts. If your light bulb is burned out, this is the part that replaces it. Be sure to turn off power to your range hood before you begin this repair. This bulb is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Installation Instructions
Thomas from Rydal, GA
inoperative ignitor and a dead light bulb
I took out the old and replaced with the new. The hardest part was getting that tiny halogen bulb in that tiny little hole. It took longer to take the oven racks out and put them back in than to make the repairs. Read more...
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Halogen Light Bulb
11 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11765655
Manufacturer Part Number W10886919
This part is the replacement halogen light bulb for your range. The bulb is 10 watts and 12 volts. The halogen lamp lights up the inside of the oven you can see the cooktop more effectively in darkness. If your light bulb is burned out, this is the part that replaces it. Be sure to turn off power to your range hood before you begin this repair. This bulb is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Installation Instructions
Donald from SOLVANG, CA
Burnt out Microwave Lamp

Remove the 4 screws on right and left mounting rails that hold the unit to the kitchen cabinet.
Remove the oven door
Remove the chrome oven vent strip below the oven door. This allows a pry point beneath the combo microwave oven assembly to lift up the unit while pulling it out. (Assembly weighs 250 pounds)
Pull the unit out from the cabinet housing about 2-3 inches to reveal the right and left sides and the 4 screws holding the the control panel.
Remove the 4 control panel screws and pull off the face of the control panel
Remove the 2 harness connectors and the ground wire holding the control panel to the unit.
Unclip the circuit board above the lamp connector and slide it back out of the way. The lamp is now accessible.
Remove the lamp spring holding the lamp to the cabinet.
Remove the old lamp
Install the new lamp using clean gloves
Reassemble in reverse order.
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Range Hood Light Bulb
PartSelect Number PS11756469
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10571723
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Indicator Light Lens
PartSelect Number PS11740971
Manufacturer Part Number WP3196068
Installation Instructions
John from Somersworth, NH
Switch burnt out/Lens broken
Removed the three screws holding on the back plate and removed plate.

Popped out the switch and used the pliers to pull off the wires. Connected the wires to the new switch.

Popped out the broken light. Slid the new lens into the front panel. Slid the light housing onto the new lens.

Re-attached the back plate.
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Oven Light
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11744440
Manufacturer Part Number WP74011278
This oven light assembly is a little over four inches long and comes with the lens and 660-watt light bulb. Make sure your appliance is unplugged or circuit breaker is off before installing this new part. It is located inside the oven and may need to be replaced if the socket has failed, causing the light to not come on inside the oven. It may also need to be replaced if you notice that the glass is broken and the whole assembly needs to be replaced. The part is located in the upper right hand side of the oven. To reach the bulb you will need to open the oven door and remove the upper rack.
Installation Instructions
robert from chatham, VA
hard to get old one out
easy to put in
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Light Cover Lens
5 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11747414
Manufacturer Part Number WP9781049
The light cover lens in your oven is designed to protect the light bulb. If your light cover lens is damaged, you will need to replace it. This part is made of clear glass and is roughly 3 inches in diameter. Many of our customers have rated this repair as easy, and it should take less than 10 minutes to complete. In order to do this repair, simply unscrew the old light cover lens, and replace it with the new one. If your old light cover lens is damaged, be careful of any broken glass when completing this repair.
Installation Instructions
Jim from Placentia, CA
Oven (not broiler) element burned out, no oven heat
Inside the oven, I removed one Phillips screw on each side where the element mounts to the back oven wall. Then disconnected the wire on each side using pliers. Unscrewed glass lens, unscrewed light bulb. Replaced all pieces in reverse order. Took less than 10 minutes. Read more...
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Indicator Light
3 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11744053
Manufacturer Part Number WP74004153
Installation Instructions
Zaven from Fairfax Station, VA
No clock, and No oven control
Checked power. Had power to the oven, but no response from the control panel (Clock). Noticed that lower oven light was intrmittent.
Ordered parts.
When parts arrived, removed power, Removed front panel (three screws). Replaced old control panel and lower oven indicator light, Replaced panel. Turned power back on,
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Light Bulb Socket
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS11744030
Manufacturer Part Number WP74003387
This light bulb socket is located inside the oven cavity.
Installation Instructions
mohd fouad alahdab ruh from JAMAICA, NY
The oven light went off, changing the bulb did’n’t solve the proble, beacause the socket was burned.
First thing
disconnect from electricity
Remove the back cover by unscrewing its fixing screws
Using philips screw driver, To remove the scocket assembly, pull the tow electric wires from the socket, using a fine plier.
Open the oven door and unlock the glass cover and remove it.
Remove the 2 screws fixjing the socket from inside the oven.
Now the socket is ready to be disassembled by just pushing the clips with tow fingers.
Replace the socket and do same steps in reverse way.
insert the lamp, and the glass cover, connect the electricity and you are done.

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