How to Reset an LG Washer with an LE Error Code

How to Reset an LG Washer with an LE Error Code

Overfilling your washer won’t save you time, but it will harm your machine
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Front-load washers offer many advantages over a top-load machine, such as their increased load capacity while being more energy efficient. The tumbling motion provides a more thorough clean while being gentler on your clothes than an agitator. Despite how hard working your front-load washer is, it isn’t invincible! Overloading the machine can cause strain on the motor and may result in you seeing an LE error code on the display. When this happens, it means that the tub can’t spin due to an issue with the motor. The machine may just be overloaded, or an object has caused a jam preventing the tub from spinning. We'll walk you through the steps to clear the LE error code from your LG washer, along with the parts you may need to inspect or replace on your machine.

How to Clear an LE Error Code on an LG Washer

To clear the LE error code, start by doing a hard reset of the machine.

  1. Begin by turning off the washer and then unplugging the power cord.
  2. Wait at least 5 minutes, then plug the machine back in.
  3. The code should now be cleared from the display.
  4. Start the wash cycle again, if the error code returns, follow the next steps below.

Remove Excess Items from the Washer

If you reset your washer, started a new cycle, and the LE error code came back, then your washer may be overloaded. Remove some of the laundry from your washer, reset the machine, and try the cycle again. If the error code comes back again, there may be a lodged item preventing the tub from spinning.

Constantly overloading your washer will strain the motor and can damage it to the point of failure. Be mindful when filling the machine, and if your LG washer has the option, select the “bedding cycle” when washing blankets or bulkier items. An oversized load should be taken to a commercial laundromat, as they have larger machines equipped for that purpose. Spending the time and money to run two smaller loads, or taking an oversized one to a laundromat, will ultimately save you in the long run as it reduced the wear and tear on your washer.

Remove Foreign Objects

If the LE error code comes back again after removing excess laundry from your machine, there may be an object stuck which is preventing the drum from spinning. Remove all the laundry from the machine and see if you can manually turn the tub. If you find an object, remove it from the machine using pliers or tweezers if necessary.

To prevent this from happening in the future, inspect your clothing prior to loading the machine. Spare change, loose buttons, bra underwires, or objects like paperclips can all get lodged in your washer.

If there wasn’t anything stuck in your washer tub, but the error code is still persistent, the motor components may have been damaged and will need to be inspected.

Parts to Inspect on Your LG Washer

Constantly overloading your washer puts strain on the motor. This will cause the components to wear faster than normal and require replacement. If you are frequently getting an LE error code on your LG washer, the following motor parts should be inspected. If needed they can replaced with a new OEM motor part.


The rotor ensures the tub of your washer can spin. It works with the stator to create an electromagnetic field, which in turn causes the tub to rotate. If the magnets on the rotor have become damaged or loose, it can result in your washer not spinning.

How to Access and Remove the Rotor

  1. The rotor will be found at the back of your washer. Begin by disconnecting the power and water supply to your machine.
  2. Next, remove the back panel to access the rotor.
  3. Remove the bolt holding the rotor in place.
  4. Once this is removed, you can remove the rotor and inspect it for damage.

How to Install a New Rotor

  1. To install a new rotor, line up the opening on the motor shaft and push it into place. You may feel some resistance when lining the new rotor up, as the magnets are engaging with the stator.
  2. Once the new rotor is in place, the bolt can be reinstalled and tightened.
  3. The back panel can be reinstalled, and the water lines and power reconnected.

Rotor Positioning Sensor

The rotor positioning sensor communicates with the electronic control board in your washer to dictate the speed and direction that the tub spins. If the sensor is faulty, it may result in your washer not spinning.

How to Access and Remove the Rotor Positioning Sensor

The rotor positioning sensor is found behind the rotor and is clipped onto the stator.

  1. Begin by pulling the washer out from the wall and disconnecting the power and water lines.
  2. Remove the back panel of the washer, and the bolt holding the rotor in place.
  3. Remove the rotor from the shaft.
  4. You may also need to remove the stator from the machine to access the sensor, which can be done by removing the various bolts holding it in place.

How to Install a New Sensor

  1. Depending on your model of washer, the sensor and stator may be sold as an assembly or as separate components. If they come as one piece, then the stator will also be replaced if the sensor has failed. If the sensor can be removed, unclip it from the stator and connect the new part in its place.
  2. Reinstall and stator onto the shaft and secure the bolts in place.
  3. Then replace the rotor by fitting it over top of the stator, and install the bolt.
  4. The back panel of the washer can now be reinstalled, and the water lines and power can be reconnected.

You can prevent LE error codes on your LG washer by washing suitable size loads of laundry, selecting the proper cycles, and ensuring that foreign objects don’t make their way into the tub. When problems do occur, we’ve got the repair resources and replacement parts to get your machine back up and running in no time.

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PUBLISHED ON January 25, 2024
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