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Drum Support Roller

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PartSelect Number PS8260240
Manufacturer Part Number 4581EL2002C
Manufactured by LG

This part is sold individually. The drum support roller is found in your dryer. It is used to hold the drum in place in the cabinet while letting the drum rotate on the support rollers. It is recommended that you replace both rollers at once. You may notice that this part needs to be replaced if you are experiencing a squeaking noise, which could be due to the bearing going bad. The bearing could be severely damaged if you hear a very loud thumping noise, much like you would when you are drying a pair of shoes.

This part works with the following brands: LG, Kenmore.

This part works with the following products: Dryer.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Noisy.
  • Will not tumble.

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How do I replace the drum rollers? I have no maintenance manual. Is one available online? Dryer is about eight years old, and the noise started suddenly.

Ray for model number DLE5955W

Hello Ray, Thanks for your question. Be sure to unplug the dryer. You will want to remove the top of the dryer by removing the screws with a Phillips screwdriver at the top-back section of the dryer. Grab the top panel and pull it off a bit, remove it from the tabs. Take the control panel off of the dryer, then remove the two screws that hold the console on. There are some locking tabs on the top to lift up on and then pull out to remove the panel from the frame. Disconnect the door switch wiring harness in the center of the console. Reach in and pull it out. Open the dryer door and remove the two screws at the 6-o'-clock position. Close the door and remove the four screws that hold the top of the panel on. Lean the panel forward; there are two mounting tabs to lift it off. Remove the silver brace along the front. First remove the lightbulb socket wiring harness from the front and the back. Remove the wire harness holders on the back by twisting them. Remove the four screws that hold the bracket on. Lift the panel up by releasing the tabs on each end. Disconnect the wire harness that goes to the moisture sensor, then remove the bulkhead by taking out the four screws around it. Lift the four tabs out of the frame and pull the bulkhead out. Take the belt off the pulleys. Take the idler pulley and pull it to the left side of the dryer to take it off the pulleys. Take the drum out, using the belt to lift and guide it. Now you have access to the rollers. You will need a wrench (14mm) wrench to pull out a nut. Then use a second wrench (8mm or 10mm depending on your former roller) to loosen it up. Take the nut from behind the roller, make sure you keep it around. Put a washer onto the shaft and then hold the washer and nut with your hand. Grab it with the two wrenches and tighten it down. Use a 10mm wrench for the new style of nut to secure it. Grab the wrench from the back. For the front bulkhead, lay a towel down on the floor. Grab the front bulkhead, but remove the lint screen housing to access the other nut using a screwdriver. Once both are replaced, put the lint screen housing back into place with the lint screen. You will then need to put the dryer back together. Align the belt with the wear mark of the drum and put it back inside. Reach in with your left hand and pull the idler pulley, pulling it to the left to put the belts back. Put the bulkhead back in, making sure that the blower seal is aligned with the blower. Lift it up so that the rollers go underneath the drum (you may need to lift the drum). Lock the tabs into the cabinet. Use your screwdriver to put the screws back into the bulkhead. Reconnect the moisture sensor wire harness. Make sure it locks. Reconnect the lightbulb wiring harness at the top. Put the support bracket back on top. With both ends in, use a screwdriver to put the screws back in. Rerun the door switch wiring harness behind the front of the dryer. Push the wiring harness into the clips. Put the front panel on the dryer, setting it onto the mounting tabs, but plug in the door switch along the way. Screw the screws back in to hold the panel in place. Open the dryer door and put in the screws that hold the front panel to the lint screen housing. With those in, close the dryer door and reconnect the control panel at the top. Be sure they are aligned with the tabs properly and screws put back in, along with the wiring harness. Put the top back on the dryer using the locking tabs and the screws. I hope this helps.

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Parts Used:
  • Drum Support Roller
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Screw drivers, Wrench (Adjustable), Wrench set
Customer: Mark from WAVERLY, OH

Dryer making a thumping and squealing noise when running

Had to replace front drum support rollers. Removed screws underneath top in back that held bracket that keeps top in place. Slid top towards rear and lifted up. Removed 4 screws that hold plastic front panel in place (inside..2 on each corner) Unplugged front panel electric plugs to remove panel. Opened door..removed 2 screws at bottom of door opening. Removed screws on top of front panel. Unplugged door switch plug. Removed front panel. Removed right front roller with 9/16th wrench for nut. Adjustable for back of stud. Lifted up on drum to get roller out. Reversed to install. Left roller a bit harder to get to stud. Removed and installed same as right side. Did not attempt to replace rear rollers. Have them if needed but very much more involved to replace.

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This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS8260240
Manufacturer Part Number: 4581EL2002C
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