How to Reset a Samsung Oven

How to Reset a Samsung Oven

Reset your oven, and get back to cooking!
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If your Samsung oven is having problems such as an error code or if the touchpad stops responding, you can fix those issues with a simple reset. But knowing which type of reset to do, and how to perform one, are vital to fixing your oven and getting it back to working properly as soon as possible!

Why You Need to Reset a Samsung Oven

Why you would need to reset your Samsung oven is ultimately a subjective thing. But typically if you're experiencing issues using your oven and/or an error code has appeared on its display, or if there has recently been a power outage and your oven is not responding, then you would need to reset it.

Common Samsung Oven Error Codes that are Resolved by a Reset

The following is a list of error codes than appear across a wide range of the Samsung oven models, which may/may not appear the same for your model, but will ultimately still be fixable with a reset.

  • bAd: This code indicates a loose power connection, whether at the wall outlet or the oven itself. If a reset doesn't fix this code, you will need to contact technical support and/or perform your own repair.
  • CtoP: This code acts as a temporary warning about the cooktop being in use during a self clean. Ensure all burners are shut off before resetting your range and attempting another self-clean.
  • SE: If you see this code, it means there's an issue with the control board of the oven. If a reset of the whole appliance does not fix this code, you will need to replace the control board.
  • door: Seeing this code signifies a door closure issue, and if you're sure the door is shut completely, perform a quick reset.

How Do You Reset a Samsung Oven?

Resetting a Samsung oven can be done in of two ways; with a soft or hard reset. Knowing which to perform, and how to perform them is dependant upon the specific model, but they all generally follow the same steps.

How to Soft Reset Your Samsung Oven

  1. To reset a Samsung oven, first locate the designated 'Reset' button on your Samsung oven.
  2. Hold the 'Reset' button, or specific reset controls for 5-10 seconds.
  3. If this does not perform a reset initially, check your model's user manual for more specific instructions regarding a reset with the oven controls.

How to Hard Reset Your Samsung Oven

  1. First, locate the circuit breaker fuse responsible for the oven, or the kitchen as a whole.
  2. Turn off the power for your oven's outlet or its section of your kitchen.
  3. Once the power is cut, leave it off for 5-10 minutes, before restoring it.
  4. If your oven doesn't work properly after a hard reset, you may need to replace a specific part, or need to contact Samsung customer support.

Samsung Oven is Reset But Still Not Working

If your Samsung oven is still having issues even after a soft and/or hard reset, your best course of action is to find out what exactly is causing the issues within your oven. The first thing to do is to use your oven like normal, and taking note of any activity that's different; not reaching the correct temperature (verify with thermometer), taking far too long to preheat, touchpad or oven itself stops responding. Using that information can assist you in figuring out which specific part is the cause for your issues.

Addtionally, are you seeing any error codes, or noticing any errors popping up when trying to use the oven normally? Looking for the error codes you're seeing on your Samsung oven's display in your user manual will give you an clearer indication of what is going on internally, and help you to get the OEM parts you need to repair your oven quicker.

Now, if you're at this point, hopefully you've performed a soft and/or hard reset of your Samsung oven, to great success! If your oven is still not functioning properly, it will likely need a replacement of the control board, temperature sensor, or touchpad. Fortunately, we have a wide range of OEM Samsung oven/range parts for whichever model you may have!

Remember, PartSelect has all of the parts you need for the appliances and tools you use every day! And for additional error code and home improvement guides to assist you with every repair, keep an eye on our PartSelect blog!

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PUBLISHED ON January 12, 2024
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