A Holiday Gift Guide for the DIYer in Your Life
Our Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Handy Person on Your List

If you’ve got a do-it-yourselfer on your Christmas list, we’d like to share with you some gift ideas that will be sure to impress! Here is a list of must-have items for any DIYers toolbox, why they may need them, and what to consider when it comes to choosing the right one. These gift ideas make excellent stocking-stuffers and will help make your loved one’s life a little easier around the house.

1. Hex Keys or Allen Keys

The first item on our list is a set of hex keys or allen keys. They usually come in a folded-up configuration, are lightweight, and easy to use, making them a perfect stocking-stuffer idea. They are hexagonal bars designed to drive hexagon socketed hardware without contacting the outside of the head. They come in multiple sizes that are both metric and SAE sizes (you’ll want to get one with both). This type of hardware is everywhere, from furniture, automotive, toys, appliances, and power tools. The most common and versatile is the classic L-shape wrenches, so this is a good starting point. You’ll also want to look for an oxide or stainless-steel finish, to ensure it stays rust-free and will last them a lifetime.

Hex Keys or Allen Keys - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

2. Putty Knife

Nothing can replace a simple and dependable putty knife, perfect for everyday DIY projects. The putty knife is a DIY must-have. They are usually made of rigid plastic or metal, and either of these materials can be flexible or stiff. The type you choose depends on the job at hand, so you will want to consider what they may be using it for. They are a multi-purpose tool that you can use for just about anything around the home, including hanging drywall, removing wallpaper, filling nail holes, removing old grout, and the list goes on!

Putty Knife - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

3. Snap-Ring Pliers

A tool that you can never find a true substitute for is a pair of snap-ring pliers. This is a hand tool used for installing and removing snap rings. They differ from other pliers as they have a tip designed for handling snap rings. We recommend a set with both internal and external settings on it, and replaceable tips in case one breaks.

Snap Ring Pliers - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

4. Magnetic Pickup

When working on projects and repairs, if you ever drop something, such as small parts, tools, or fasteners, it is typically in an area where you can’t quite reach. This is where an extendable magnet can come in handy. You can reach down inside of the appliance and retract that screw that you dropped, instead of having to take the appliance apart just to reach it. Not only that, but it's also great for everyday things, like reaching lost toys under the stove, car keys from in between the seats, and removing stuck batteries. With so many uses; you can’t go wrong with gifting a magnetic pickup tool.

Magnetic Pickup - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

5. Non-Contact Voltage Tester

If this handy person in your life works on appliances or other electrical devices in the home, a handy tool to have is a non-contact voltage tester. These devices allow you to quickly determine whether you have power in a circuit or not. There is no need to make direct contact with the electrical component itself. You can typically just hold it near the item, and it will tell you whether you have power or not. This is a must-have for the toolbox!

Voltage Tester - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

6. Multi-Bit Screw/Nut Driver

Another handy tool to have is a multi-bit screwdriver or nut driver. These come in a variety of configurations, but most will be a ratcheting type that you can use in both a forward and reverse action. There is also a standard quarter-inch hex-type bit or socket that will fit into the end. Multi-bit screwdrivers can differ in shape, style, ergonomics, or the type of bits it is compatible with, so it depends on what you deem as most important.

Multi Bit Screw Driver - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

7. Multi-Bit Set

A great accompanying gift to the multi-bit screwdriver, is a set of bits. Most appliances today use a variety of screw tips, ranging from torx bits, Phillips bits, straight bits, hex bits, and a security-type screw. If you can find a kit that has a good selection of these, you will surely find the perfect match for a multi-bit screwdriver.

Multi Bit Set - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

8. Compact Driver

If your gift-receiver already owns a multi-bit screwdriver, or you think it might be too tedious for them, the next step up would be a power tool. A compact driver with a simple hex bit driver and rechargeable battery will get lots of good use and is an essential item for any DIYer. It is not ideal for precision drilling tasks, but it is great for jobs where the size or placement of the hole is not as pertinent, but more torque may be needed, such as drilling metal or dense or knotty wood.

Compact Driver - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

9. Multimeter

If the person on your list does any amount of appliance repair or occasionally works on electrical circuits in the home, one of the best tools you can have is a multimeter. These are typically available in both a digital format or in an analog style. Either will work just fine, although we tend to prefer the digital ones as they are easier to read. Be sure to pick one that has both AC voltage scales, DC voltage scales, and at least an ohm reading or continuity tester as well.

Multimeter - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

10. Soft-side Tool Bag

Once you’ve gone out and bought some of these gift ideas, they will need somewhere to store them. We suggest a soft-side tool bag to help them stay organized and protect their tools. When selecting the right tool bag, consider durability, ergonomics, and mobility.

Tool Bag - DIY Holiday Gift Guide

We hope you found something to get that DIYer on your list and you surprise them with a special gift that will make their projects around the house a little bit easier. For more helpful tips for in and around the home, check out our YouTube channel.