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Lamp, Oven Light
PartSelect Number PS12751166
Manufacturer Part Number 316538904
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Colin from Hollis, NY
Ice-Maker and Water Dispenser not working.
First I disconnected the power cord, then removed the screws that held the bracket that holds the base for the water-filer in place. I then disconnected the water lines(intake and outflow). Next I removed the screws that held the water-filter's base in place. I then disconnected the release lock mechanism for the filter and finally removed the water-filter base. I did the reverse to install the new water-filter base. Previously I had tested the intake water line and noticed the water was flowing with enough pressure upto the water-filter's base but no water was exiting thru the outflow line, which leads to the Ice-Maker and Dispenser. I had tried changing the filter but that didn't solve the problem it was then I had realized that the Base was the problem. The actual problem was the spring-loaded valves for both the intake and outflow lines, which had a plastic prong that protrudes out of the base that is triggered by the filter when installed. The two prongs were worn-down so the filter wasn't activating the spring-loaded release valve to let the water thru. As for the light, I just unscrewed it. Read more...
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Touch Up Paint - White
PartSelect Number PS467298
Manufacturer Part Number 5303321319
This is white touch up paint for refrigerators, microwaves, ranges, dryers, and freezers. It is used to cover, or touch up, nicks and scratches on the appliance from wear and tear. It is an 18ml bottle that contains paint and a small brush for easy application. It is a little over 2 inches tall. This is an OEM part that is sourced directly from the genuine manufacturer, and is meant to be an exact match to the color of the appliance. If the appliance is not white, please see other colors such as almond or black.
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Grease Filter
PartSelect Number PS466987
Manufacturer Part Number 5303319568
If you are having trouble cleaning out your grease filter, or if it is damaged to the point of no return, maybe it is time to replace it. The grease filter is a ventilator that traps grease from the exhaust air. The dimensions of this part are roughly 6 inches wide, by 8 inches deep, and this specific model is silver. Replacing this part is an easy fix as it will snap in and out of place, with no tools required. This part is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Isabel from Setauket, NY
Needed New Grease Filters
Replaced Filters very easy to do
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PartSelect Number PS457503
Manufacturer Part Number 5303212803
This push-on nut can be used for a variety of household appliances. To find the exact location and proper application of this part, refer to your appliance manual. Push-on nuts, also known as push-on retainers or push-on fasteners, allow components to be easily and securely assembled to a smooth shaft. A push-on nut has radial teeth that are formed at an angle perpendicular to the target shaft. The angled teeth allow the nut to slide onto the shaft in one direction while resisting motion in the reverse direction. Remember, to ensure the nut properly holds the shaft securely in place, it is important that the shaft material is softer than the nut.
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Light Bulb - 20W
PartSelect Number PS979525
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440031
This 20-watt lightbulb is most commonly found in the microwave. The lightbulb brightens the interior of the microwave while it is running so you can keep an eye on the food while it cooks. You will need to unplug the microwave while performing this repair. Microwaves continue to have an electrical charge directly after being unplugged, so please use caution. To access the light bulb, you will need to remove the outer cover surrounding the bulb on the top of the inside of the microwave. This is an OEM part that comes right from the manufacturer.
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Broil Element - 3000W 240V
PartSelect Number PS429510
Manufacturer Part Number 220T017P02
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Broiler element burnt out. It literally broke off & emitted white-hot sparks.
NOTE: My Tappan oven (model 77 4972 23) is 33 years old & it was difficult to find the correct part number for the broiler element. Part No. 5303051140 (PS 453940) costs only $18.00 but won't work because the plate that screws onto the oven is only 1.5 inches wide and it needs to be 3.75 inches wide to fit. The part number that works (and costs $89.00) is 220T017P02 (PS429510).

First thing I did was turn off power to the range at the circuit breaker. The repair was generally easy with the exception that 1 screw holding the broiler element support was "welded" into the oven ceiling. I stripped the screw trying to get it out. Fortunately, I had a special tool that allows one to grip the outer edge of the screw while turning it --- and that's how I got it apart. Once the broiler element support was off, I removed 2 screws from the 3.75 inch plate holding the broiler element itself to the oven wall and carefully pulled the broiler element out from the oven wall and detached the wire clips connecting the wires to the broiler element. I reattached the clips onto the new element and installed the new element back into the oven wall. I then reattached the broiler element support using a another screw (because I decimated the original one). I then turned the circuit breaker back on and turned the broiler on. Voila. My broiler works again! Special thanks to the people at this site who were very helpful in seeing to it I got the correct broiler element. The original ordered broiler element was delivered to the wrong address. The folks at this site sent me another one. To make a long story short, they saw to it I got the correct part. I highly recommend this site based on my experience with them. GREAT customer service!!
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Turntable Motor
PartSelect Number PS979515
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440021
This turntable motor is used in microwaves. This is what rotates the glass tray so that your food is heatied evenly. The specs for this synchronous motor are 120 Volts, 60Hz, 3rpm, and 2.1 Watts. It features two 3/16-inch male spade terminals, which is what attaches to the internal wiring of your appliance. The motor also includes mounting holes; there are two mount holes on either side of the part. This replacement motor is approximately two inches in diameter, and it is sold individually. Before you attempt this repair make sure you unplug your microwave.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
steve from New Bern, NC
Turntable stoped working
Removed the 3 screws to drop the lower panel and, removeed the turn table plate and ring. Then removed the 2 screws holding the motor, the 2 wires attached to the motor and removed the old motor.Replaced the new motor in the reverse order. DO NOT FORGET TO UNPLUG THE MICROWAVE FIRST. Read more...
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2 Pack Light Bulb - 40W
PartSelect Number PS8760365
Manufacturer Part Number 5304490731
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PartSelect Number PS1532530
Manufacturer Part Number 5304456126
Installation Instructions
Jacob from Ludowici, GA
Microwave would not turn on
To determine which switch was bad, I removed all three switches from microwave. I used a D-cell battery taping two pieces of wire to the POS and NEG ends. Tape the POS end of wire to a flashlight bulb's bottom tip. Tape or twist the NEG end to the bottom of the switch. Connect another piece of wire to the top of switch and touch the side of the flashlight bulb with the other end of the wire; the bulb should come on. Depress the red button on the switch and the light should go out. The switch is good if this occurs. If light does not come on or the bulb does not got out once the red button is depressed, the switch is bad. Now you have determined which switch to order for replacement. Read more...
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Thermal Cut-Off
PartSelect Number PS12114598
Manufacturer Part Number 5304510885
Installation Instructions
changing vent hood to otr microwave
Purchased an OTR microwave at discount at Lowe's. Display model, so was missing parts. Had to order damper from parts select. I had to moldify the transition part to attatch it to oven. I had to cut the opening, and bend flanges on the sides, and bore holes for screws. Then I had to create templates for attatching the unit to the cabinets and rear wall. After doing that, I turned off the electrical power, and removed the old vent hood. Removed a section of the existing vent pipe, to allow space for the transition unit and elbows. It was necessary to cut a larger opening in the bottom of the cabinet for the new vent and bore holes for the mounting screws. The old hood had a 6" round vent, and the new one is rectangular.After measuring and locating studs in the back wall, I secured the holding bracket to the wall, using long wood screws and molly bolts. I hooked the bracket into the bottom of the oven, and tilted it into place, inserting the attatching screws through the holes in the cabinet bottom into the threaded holes in the oven. After tightening the screws, checking for level, I attatched the transition unit to the vent opening above the damper. I then attached the transition unit to the existing vent pipe, installed a junction box with grounded outlet to the existing wiring. [The original unit was directly wired into the electrical circuit--the OTR unit has a plug on a power cord]. Restored power, tested unit, and all worked well. Read more...

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