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Drive Motor with Pulley
PartSelect Number PS334304
Manufacturer Part Number 279827
This motor fits most Whirlpool incorporated dryer brands before 1996. NOTE: Pulley is NOT available separately.
Fixes these symptoms
No heat or not enough heat
Shuts off too soon

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Installation Instructions
Mark from Fremont, NE says,

Wife told me Dryer would make a funny sound, then stop + had an a funny smell as well. The Electric motor that drove the unit was overheating and locking up, It was time to be replace.
The best part of my repair was I had everything back in service in 3 days. And one of these days was to consider just buying a new dryer. Had parts overnited and all parts fit and easy to replace.
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PartSelect Number PS2370063
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X10233
Fixes these symptoms
Tray won’t turn

Installation Instructions
Mark from LADYS ISLAND, SC says,

Turn table on microwave would not turn.
Removed 6 screws from the front and back of the bottom of the unit. 3 screws each side. The panel will swing down. Remove the wires from the motor. Remove the one screw from the old
motor. In...read more

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Oven Door Latch Motor and Switch
PartSelect Number PS1528424
Manufacturer Part Number 316464300
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open after self cleaning cycle

Installation Instructions
Richard from Centennial, CO says,

Oven wouldn't operated. Error code F9
I called a repair place. They charged $54 to diagnose, (said it needed a new latch motor) then wanted $220 to complete the repair. I checked online prices and did it myself for about 15 minutes work ...read more

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Blower Motor Assembly
PartSelect Number PS11747998
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10016550
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Joseph from North Grosvenordale, CT says,

The original blower squirrel cage failed out balance.
Safety first , I shut off the circuit breaker . I removed the racks from inside the wall oven . I removed the the wall oven from the niche .Then removed the three sheet metal panels in the rear of the...read more

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Cooling Blower Kit
PartSelect Number PS11742626
Manufacturer Part Number WP4455334
This part circulates air through the control panel area.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
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Convection Fan Motor
PartSelect Number PS2349811
Manufacturer Part Number 5304467898
This motor includeds the bracket and the fan retainer nut. Fan blade is sold separately.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
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Cooling Fan
PartSelect Number PS11722995
Manufacturer Part Number W10810687
Used with down-draft models. This part helps draw the steam and odors through the vent when the fan switch is activated.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Marla from Newtown, PA says,

Blower died
Getting at the part was difficult. The top and both side panels had to be removed to reach the blower. Once they were off, it was fairly easy to swap out the blower. The repair guy wanted $140 for th...read more

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Blower Motor
PartSelect Number PS2076843
Manufacturer Part Number 707704K
This is a blower motor for your range, but you may also know it as a blower fan motor or a downdraft vent fan motor. This part is used with down draft models. It helps draw the steam and odors through the vent for the stove top when the switch is activated. The blower motor has a diameter of five inches. The shaft on this model has a 3/8-inch diameter with a counter clockwise rotation. This motor includes the foam seal.
Fixes these symptoms
Will Not Start

Installation Instructions
Janellen from Aiken, SC says,

blower motor died
Pulled the motor and blower wheel from below. Replaced both. I think it was easier to replace the two together than just the motor.I also had old light indicators so we replaced them since the stove w...read more

Cooling Fan Motor
PartSelect Number PS2582194
Manufacturer Part Number 318575600
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
PartSelect Number PS2378860
Manufacturer Part Number 316256100
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part