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Wheel, 13 Inch, Right – Part Number: A200809
Wheel, 13 Inch, Right
PartSelect #: PS10041115
Manufacturer #: A200809
This is a genuine OEM supplied replacement wheel that is specially manufactured for use on Powermate and Southland rear tine tillers. It is the right wheel that keeps the unit mobile for easy transpor...
  In Stock
Wheel, 13 Inch, Left – Part Number: A200597
Wheel, 13 Inch, Left
PartSelect #: PS10040975
Manufacturer #: A200597
This wheel is a genuine OEM part for various models of tillers but is only for the left side of the tiller. Used for moving the tiller around, this wheel measures 13-inches high, 5-inches wide and the...
  In Stock
Cable Forward Extension Control (1440mm) – Part Number: A203120
Cable Forward Extension Control (1440mm)
PartSelect #: PS16723234
Manufacturer #: A203120
  In Stock
Extension Control Cable Reverse (1430mm) – Part Number: A203121
Extension Control Cable Reverse (1430mm)
PartSelect #: PS16723235
Manufacturer #: A203121
  In Stock
Forward Drive Belt 7Pk597 – Part Number: A200512
Forward Drive Belt 7Pk597
PartSelect #: PS10040892
Manufacturer #: A200512
  In Stock
Reverse Drive Belt, 5Pk740 – Part Number: A200528
Reverse Drive Belt, 5Pk740
PartSelect #: PS10040908
Manufacturer #: A200528
A reverse drive belt is used within outdoor power equipment within the transmission to enable the reverse gear functionality and allow the user to move the equipment backward. This reverse drive belt ...
  In Stock
Transmission Oil Seal 25X40X7 – Part Number: A200601
Transmission Oil Seal 25X40X7
PartSelect #: PS10040979
Manufacturer #: A200601
  No Longer Available
Asm, Fuel Filter – Part Number: A201559
Asm, Fuel Filter
PartSelect #: PS10041317
Manufacturer #: A201559
  No Longer Available
Handle Lower – Part Number: A202636
Handle Lower
PartSelect #: PS16723181
Manufacturer #: A202636
  In Stock
Lock Pin – Part Number: A200596
Lock Pin
PartSelect #: PS10040974
Manufacturer #: A200596
  In Stock
Worm Gear, Wheel Shaft – Part Number: A201911
Worm Gear, Wheel Shaft
PartSelect #: PS10041338
Manufacturer #: A201911
  Special Order
Spring, Reverse – Part Number: A200544
Spring, Reverse
PartSelect #: PS10040923
Manufacturer #: A200544
  In Stock

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March 10, 2024
Looking for reverse cable. the parts list does not show it.
For model number PRTT196E1
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Hello Paul, thank you for contacting us. The reverse control cable you are looking for is part number PS16723235. Glad to be of assistance!

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Drive system does not work
Fixed by
these parts
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tiller tires lost air pressure both tires during tilling in gardening. .Try to replace innertube. No dice. Ordered wheel assembly completed.
After receiving wheel assembly, 5 minutes installation wheels installed. Back in business!
Parts Used:
Wheel, 13 Inch, Right Wheel, 13 Inch, Left
  • Willie from BLYTHEWOOD, SC
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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