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Parts That Fix Frigidaire Microwave FGMV174KFB Door not closing properly

Door not closing properly is a commonly reported symptom for the FGMV174KFB Frigidaire Microwave, and we have put together a full guide on how to fix this. This advice is based on feedback from people who own this exact appliance. We have listed the most common parts for your FGMV174KFB Frigidaire Microwave that will fix Door not closing properly. We have included repair instructions, and helpful step-by-step video tutorials. If you are experiencing this issue, not to worry, DIYers just like you have fixed this, and shared their experience to help you!

Fixes Symptom 65% of time
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This black door latch enables the switches to make sure that the door is closed before it operates.

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PartSelect Number PS979580
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440314
Fixes Symptom 35% of time

The microwave door latch spring creates tension, and engages the door latch when the door is closed. This spring is made completely of metal, and is approximately 1 inch long. If your microwave door will not open or close properly, the microwave will not start. You may need to remove the control panel to gain better access to where the spring attaches, so make sure the power is disconnected from the microwave. This part is sold individually. NOTE: Remember to discharge the capacitor for your microwave before beginning this repair. The capacitor can hold a potentially lethal charge even when the power has been disconnected from the microwave itself.

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PartSelect Number PS979582
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440316