Slow and Steady

For newcomers to the slow-cooker revolution, this kitchen appliance can be a little intimidating to use. For seasoned veterans of the low-and-slow method, there are plenty of tips and tricks to using a slow cooker that you may not have previously known! Read on for the best ways to prepare food in the slow cooker, and some little tidbits that will better inform you on how the slow cooker works.

One great aspect of slow cooking is that this method is adaptable to almost any kind of cooked food - including desserts! Some of the most common foods to slow cook are meats, stews, and soups. Learn the best settings and cooking modes on your slow cooker to get the most out of these meals next time you want to set and forget your dinner.

Once you've picked your cut of meat or recipe and developed a cooking plan, you're pretty much all set! The best thing about slow cooking is how low-maintenance it is. But if you want optimal results for your meal, follow these hacks to make sure you don't accidentally interfere with the slow cooker's magic. For example, refrain from removing the lid to check on your food during the cooking process; it takes 20-30 minutes for the cooker to get back up to the proper temperature! Once you have all the particulars down, get cooking! And enjoy only having one pot to clean at the end!

Slow and Steady

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