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PartSelect Number PS4119796
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-101
This is a thermostat, also known as a temperature control thermostat. This part regulates the temperature. When the refrigerator reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat interrupts the flow of electricity to the compressor, which stops the cooling process. The thermostat may be defective if you notice that your fridge is exceeding the desired temperature (food is freezing). It may also incessantly run. This part is 3.4 inches in length, 3.2 inches in width, and 3.2 inches in height. The thermostat is located on the lower left side at the back of the appliance. Make sure you disconnect the unit from the power source before you begin.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
The old thermostat would freeze everything even at the lowest setting.
It was a simple matter of removal and replacement. The process was intuitive and very easy to do. Removal the old thermostat, extend the sensing tube and secure the tube to the bottom of the freezer compartment. Plug it back in, turn it on to the middle setting and see what happens. It worked and it was much cheaper than replacing the otherwise good mini-fridge. Take a picture before you take anything apart, use your picture to guide the replacement. Read more...
PartSelect Number PS4119806
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-112
PartSelect Number PS4119808
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-114
PartSelect Number PS4119809
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-115
PartSelect Number PS4119813
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-119
PartSelect Number PS4119815
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-121
PartSelect Number PS4119822
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-128
PartSelect Number PS4119831
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-137
PartSelect Number PS4119848
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-154
PartSelect Number PS4119849
Manufacturer Part Number RF-7350-155

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