Karma Cats Photo Contest to Raise Funds for Alley Cats Rescue

Karma Cats photo contest to raise funds for Alley Cats Rescue.

Monday January 3, 2010

Online appliance parts retailer, PartSelect.com, announced today its Karma Cats initiative, an online photo contest with proceeds going to Alley Cat Rescue, the National Cat Protection Association.

“The concept is simple,” says PartSelect Marketing Coordinator, Natalie Downing, “Just submit a photo of your favorite bad cat to the Karma Cats contest, and you’ll earn him or her a little karmic relief, while helping other cats in need.”

The contest, which goes live on the PartSelect.com website today, is expected to raise at least $1000 for Alley Cat Rescue – a contribution that will go a long way in helping the estimated 70 million feral cats in the United States. If they survive past kittenhood, feral cats typically only live between 2 and 5 years, which is why organizations like Alley Cat Rescue are so important. Not only do they help put thousands of cats in loving homes each year, they are committed to decreasing the number of feral cats by spaying and neutering as many strays as they can.

Karma Cats is open to anyone who would like to participate. The only requirements are a photo of your cat and a few details of his or hers most naughty sins. Submissions can be made online at Partselect.com/KarmaCats or by e-mailing partselect@eldisgroup.com.

“A donation of $5 will be made to Alley Cat Rescue for each cat photo we receive,” says Downing, “and at the end of each week we’ll choose the most devilish submission to be our featured Karma Cat of the week.”

Those wishing to participate have until April 1 to submit their favorite photo. A final donation will be made to Alley Cat Rescue once all submissions have been received.

UPDATE: PartSelect is proud to announce they surpassed their original goal, raising a total of $1250 for Alley Cat Rescue. Many thanks to all contributors.

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