How to Remove Common Items From Your Front Load Washer
Find those missing socks!

Washing machines just seem to eat socks, don't they? You may think you're going crazy, but you might be right! Washers can actually trap small objects including socks in places you can't see. With just a few easy steps you can uncover a treasure trove of socks and other valuable items that may have been swallowed by the front-load washer monster. Take 15 minutes to solve the mystery once and for all in your home. You can watch our video guide on this subject below, or read our written guide.

Common items to lose in a front-load washer:

  • Coins
  • Nails, screws, bobby pins, jewelry (small metal objects)
  • Socks
  • Bank cards
  • Bra wires
  • These items are small enough that they can get between the door barrel and inner basket, or fall into the pump area where they can get caught in the trap or filter or even the pump itself. Items should be removed ASAP, as any foreign object can damage the appliance. You can figure out what kind of object is stuck and where it is, by listening to your washer.

    Types of sound:


    Metal object between door bellows and inner basket is indicated by a scraping noise. To locate the culprit, use a flashlight, and check the basket for protrusions. You may be able to remove the item this way with needle-nose pliers. If it is outside the tub, then check between the door bellows and inner basket.


    This would tend to indicate a metal object inside of drum baffle. The gap may be large enough that a coin or other small object has snuck inside. Check your owner's manual for advice on how to remove your appliance's drum baffle and get the object out. Your baffle may be removable just by pulling on it, or it may have a retaining screw which needs to be undone. Each washer is subtly different here, so it's best to go with your manufacturer's directions.

    Scuffing sound

    Indicates an article of clothing between the inner and outer basket. Check between the door bellows and the basket for items. If you look here and don't find anything, the item it may be stuck between the inner and outer drum. Check your owner's manual for information on how to open your washer. Each machine is slightly different, but it is likely you will be able to remove the cover and fill hose to be able to see the outside of the basket. Rotate the basket until the foreign object appears, and then pull it out.

    Noise from bottom of washer

    Something is in the pump area, and the filter must be removed in order to access it. This one is a bit of a pain, and again, we recommend checking your owner's manual for full details on your specific model. Remove the front panel to access the drain pump and filter. Set a bucket in front of the filter to ensure no water gets on the floor. Remove the filter, and you should see the foreign object. Also, check inside of the filter housing. With the item removed, you can reinsert the filter and the cover.

    With these tips you should be able to find that missing sock in no time! While you're checking your washer, it may be a good time to do some maintenance. Just make sure you have the right parts.