How to Paint Your Appliance
Step by Step Guide to a DIY Appliance Refresh

Giving your appliances an updated and refreshed look is a lot easier and more affordable than you might think. Painting them is such a great way to give a space an updated look, and to freshen up that tired-looking refrigerator, oven, or microwave. Follow along with our steps to learn how to give your appliances a whole new look!

The refrigerator we are using for this example does not have handles, so that is one less thing to worry about. However, if you are painting an appliance with handles, try painting them chrome, bronze, or gold for a trendy update. Handles are also an easy replacement if they are just in need of a little TLC.

Steps for How to Paint Your Appliance:

Step 1: Select the Paint

When deciding on the paint you will use for your appliance, be sure to pick a product that is compatible with the surface that you will be applying it to, whether it is metal, plastic, or both. The color you choose is totally up to you and the style you are trying to achieve in the space. For the refrigerator we painted, we decided on a beautiful retro blue to match our coastal decor theme.

Step 2: Remove the Doors and Shelving

If you are painting a refrigerator (like us), you will want to remove both doors to begin. By removing both doors, you can easily tape off and isolate the interior surfaces of the refrigerator and the liners on the door. Next, remove all the interior shelving and place them away from the area where you will be painting.

Remove The Doors and Shelving - How to Paint Your Appliance

Step 3: Clean the Interior and Exterior of the Appliance

Now it is time to clean the interior and exterior of the appliance. When cleaning the surfaces that are going to be painted, we suggest using a trisodium phosphate cleaner, which is designed specifically for this purpose. For cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, we recommend just using your go-to cleanser or a simple baking soda or vinegar and water solution.

Clean Your Appliance - How to Paint Your Appliance

Step 4: Tape off the Interior

The next step is to mask off the areas you do not want to paint using painter’s tape. Begin by taping off the opening of the freezer and fresh food compartments.

Tape Your Appliance - How to Paint Your Appliance

Next, you will need to mask off the interior with a solid sheet of paper and tape it to the inner edges.

Tape Paper Cover - How to Paint Your Appliances

If the gaskets around the doors are easily removable, this will make the taping job much simpler. If the gaskets are also looking worn and dirty, this is a perfect opportunity to get those replaced with brand new ones. If they can’t be removed easily, you will need to tape them.

Tape Appliance Door - How to Paint Your Appliance

Step 5: Sand the Exterior

If your appliance has any loose paint, chips, or rust spots, you will want to sand those out first. Next, you will want to remove the shine from the appliance, which helps to ensure the paint adheres to the surface properly. You can remove the shine by rubbing the entire surface with a 3M-style scratch pad.

Sand The Appliance - How to Paint Your Appliance

Now take a damp cloth and wipe down the entire outer surface, ensuring any debris has been removed. Make sure you allow the surface to completely dry and then use a tack cloth to remove any remaining dust particles.

Clean Appliance with Tack Cloth - How to Paint Your Appliance

Step 6: Prepare the Surrounding Area for Painting

We are using aerosol paint, so it is important to take the proper precautions before we begin. This job needs to be done in a well-ventilated area and surrounding surfaces will need to be protected (use a drop sheet to protect the floor). Don’t forget your safety gear! Be sure to wear a mask and shielding eyewear.

Painting Protection - How to Paint Your Appliance />	
 <h2>Step 7: Start Painting!</h2>
 <p>Most aerosol cans do not have a very wide spray pattern, so when working with a broad surface, such as a refrigerator, make sure you are going back over and filling in any thin spots. Also, be consistent with the direction you are applying the paint, as you will want to paint the opposite direction for the second coat. Be careful not to over-apply the paint, use just enough to cover the surface. </p>
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Once you have completed the first coat, you will want to apply a re-coat according to the instructions on your paint product (drying time may vary). When applying the second coat you will want to apply the paint in the opposite direction to the first coat. Once it is fully painted, you will want to let it sit for a couple of days to ensure it is completely dry and ready for use.

Before Picture of Refrigerator - How to Paint Your Appliance After Picture of Refrigerator - How to Paint Your Appliance

Now that your refrigerator has a fresh coat of paint, it is time for the big reveal. Check out our video posted above and leave a comment letting us know how yours turned out. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for repair help and more DIY projects to try!