7 Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips
Keep your house cool, and your energy bills low

How do you keep cool all summer long, without breaking the bank? Many people don't realize how much money they waste by simply not using their AC properly. In this article, we outline our Top 7 tips for keeping your AC as efficient as possible.

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One of the most effective ways to make your AC unit more efficient is to ensure it is properly positioned in the room. For window units: try to position your AAC so you get the maximum airflow into your room, and avoid placing it in a window that gets direct sunlight.

If the window that you place your AC unit does receive direct sunlight, it will make the AC warm up and therefore have to work harder to cool your room.

Alternate Cooling

You should also avoid using your room's air conditioner in the evening or at night, and instead opt for a fan, or the "fan" setting on your air conditioner. Any time you use an alternate cooling source like a fan, you will end up saving money.

When Not to Use Your Air Conditioner

Avoid using your AC if you are running any kind of heat-generating device. Specifically, when using a stove or oven, opt for a fan instead of an AC. It will be more effective and less wasteful.

Air Conditioners vs Dehumidifier

Many people don't know that Air Conditioners also remove humidity from the air, so there's no need to run a dehumidifier in addition to your AC in a room.

Wall Mount vs Window Mount

If you have a choice, the wall-mounted unit is typically more efficient than a window-mounted unit. This is due to the placement in the room. Cold air drops, and wall-mounted units are typically placed higher on the wall which gives better air circulation and makes the unit more efficient.

Using an AC in Cooler Weather

It's never a good idea to run an air conditioner when the outside temperatures are near 65 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. the refrigerant used inside of your AC will need to rise in temperature during its cycle and a cooler outside temperature prevents this process from happening easily. Therefore the air conditioner needs to run longer to achieve the same temperature.

Proper AC Size

Make sure to always get the right AC for your size of room. If you're buying an AC, look in the product description to see what the recommended room size is for the product. If your AC unit is too large for the room, you will typically get a short-cycling condition. When this happens, the air conditioner turns on and off very frequently, which causes stress to the components and shortens their life. It's also not very energy-efficient, and will end up costing you money.

Air Conditioners use a measurement called "BTU" to determine the size of room appropriate for he specific model. You can estimate the BTU of your room by taking its width and length, and multiplying by 25.

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With these tips you should hopefully see your energy bill come out a little lighter at the end of the month. For more great home repair and appliance tips, check out our huge range of air conditioner parts.