How to Fix Your Trash Compactor - Trash Compactor Repair
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How to Repair Your Trash Compactor

How to Repair Your Trash Compactor
If your trash compactor is broken, and you are not sure what to do, we have simple repair guide that breaks each issue down by common symptom. We walk you through how to troubleshoot and check different parts of your appliance. If your trash compactor is making loud noises, it if will not compact, if it will not complete a cycle, and if the ram gets stuck or jammed, we are here to help. More than 90% of our customers rate these repairs as “easy” or “really easy”, and on average they take less than 30 minutes to complete. Simply click on the symptom your trash compactor is experiencing, and use our repair help and troubleshooting videos to get your appliance running again.
Common Broken Trash Compactor Symptoms Reported By