How to Remove and Replace the End Caps of Your Fridge's Door Shelf Trim | Refrigerator Repair

How to remove and replace the end caps of a refrigerator's door shelf trim:

Common refrigerator end cap

This step-by-step guide teaches you how to replace the end caps in your refrigerator. Find the official OEM replacement end caps that fit your door trim.

Refrigerator end caps are relatively simple to replace. Keep in mind the process may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Use these steps as a guideline for end cap replacement :

  • Generally, no screws are used to hold end caps in place. They clip into the door shelf retainer bar (also referred to as trim), and they clip into the refrigerator door liner.
  • Remove the damaged end caps from the refrigerator door shelf retainer bar and discard them. Keep the retainer bar.
  • Some end caps use adhesive strips to attach the end cap to the trim. If your new end cap came with an adhesive strip, peel off the brown paper backing and apply it to the backside of the trim where it locks onto the end cap. If you are replacing two end caps, do the same to the other end of the trim.
  • Attach the end cap(s) to the end of the retainer bar. Then install the entire assembly back into the liner of the refrigerator door.

Note: Replacing refrigerator end caps should be a relatively quick process - there is no need to unplug your refrigerator.

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