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PartSelect Number PS9495615
Manufacturer Part Number 00755058
Manufactured by Bosch
This part works with the following products:
This part works with the following products:
Part# 00755058 replaces these:
AP5809118, 755058
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    Igniter replacement
    Getting to the igniter is trivial, only requiring the removal of the stove bottom (two set screws) and a heat shield (the heat shield is held in place by screws with size 20 star-driver heads). At this point a splice could be made to the original wires, IF ceramic wire nuts were included with the replacement igniter (but, alas, they are not). IF a splice were made the repair would be a very easy, 10-minute job.

    To replace the igniter then requires the complete removal of the back of the range (17, size 20 star-driver, screws, if I remember correctly), plus the removal of an additional heat shield (one more screw). Then one must carefully lift and free the back from tabs on both sides that are set into slots. (Oh, and you probably want to loosen the electrical cord shield that interferes with the back coming off.) The new igniter wire plug is only then very easily re-attached to existing harness. Everything is then replaced to finish the repair.

    None of this is difficult, if you don't mind moving your range away from the wall and dealing with on the order of 20 screws. Personally, I think I would have rather found an igniter with ceramic wire nuts to splice to the original wires (certainly not as elegant as replacing igniter and wires entirely, but far quicker and easier).
    • Jeffrey from Bloomington, MN
    • Difficulty Level:
      A Bit Difficult
    • Total Repair Time:
      30 - 60 mins
    • Tools:
      Screw drivers
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      Model Cross Reference
      This part works with the following models:
      PartSelect Number: PS9495615
      Manufacturer Part Number: 00755058
      Model Number
      Range - GAS RANGE
      Range - RANGE

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