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Door Film Seal

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PartSelect Number PS471516
Manufacturer Part Number 5304409136
Manufactured by Frigidaire

This part works with the following brands: Frigidaire.

This part works with the following products: Microwave.

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Parts Used:
  • Door Film Seal
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Freddie from Roanoke, VA

Microwave door window seal damaged.

The "seal" is a clear plastic sheet that forms the inner most layer of the "window" in the microwave door. If it becomes damaged or doesn't adhere properly, steam and other cooking by-products get inside the door itself. That's what happened in my case. As a result, I had to disassemble the entire door to clean the inside of the glass and other parts. If that cleaning had not been necessary, I could have replaced the seal without disassemblying the door.

To replace the seal, I followed these steps:
1. Used my thumb nail to raise a corner of the old seal.
2. Peeled off the old seal. This leaves a perforated metal layer exposed.
3. Cleaned the metal layer to remove residual adhesive from the old seal.
4. Once the metal layer was dry, my wife and I worked together to peel off the "backing sheet" from the new seal. (One side of the seal has adhesive on it - like the sticky side of tape. After you peal the backing off, the sticky side is exposed.)
5. After we CAREFULLY aligned the seal, I held it while my wife slowly and carefully pressed it into place.

Problems to watch out for:
The seal is shipped "folded". This causes a crease to form in the plastic seal, which makes it difficult, if not impossible to install it without leaving any raised places. Note that raised areas in the center probably just look bad. But, raised areas around the edge may prevent a proper "seal" and result in steam, etc., getting inside the microwave door. I receved two separate seals and both had a crease. PartSelect reps were very nice, but were not able to correct the problem.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS471516
Manufacturer Part Number: 5304409136
Brand Model Number Description
FrigidaireCFMV145BC1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KB1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KB2Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KS1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KS2Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCGLMV168CB1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168CQ1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168CS1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168KB1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168KQ1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168KS1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCPLMV168CC1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCPLMV168KC1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1B1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1B2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1W1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1W2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1B1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1B2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1T1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1T2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1W1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1W2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148GPB1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148GPB2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV145BC1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KB1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KB2Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KB3Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KS1Microwave - Table Top