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2582247-1-S-Frigidaire-5303918476-Adaptive Defrost Control Board
2582247-1-S-Frigidaire-5303918476-Adaptive Defrost Control Board https://www.partselect.com/Schematics/Frigidaire/25LWFUOB.gif

Adaptive Defrost Control Board

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PartSelect Number PS2582247
Manufacturer Part Number 5303918476
Manufactured by Frigidaire

This part allows the refrigerator to go into defrost mode only when required and comes with the wiring harness. ***Please Note: This control will appear different than the original but will function the same.

This part works with the following brands: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Westinghouse, Gibson, Crosley.

This part works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Fridge too warm.
  • Fridge too cold.
  • Freezer section too warm.
  • Will Not Start.
  • Freezer not defrosting.

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My refrigerator is freezing everything but the freezer is working fine. The coils in the back and the bottom have been cleaned. Do you have any further suggestions? Thank you!

Tammy for model number FRS26HF7BW2

Hi Tammy, Thank you for the great question, it sounds like you need to replace the Defrost Thermostat Kit. Hope this helps!

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I have a couple of issues that I am wondering if are related. A few weeks ago, the lower part of my refrigerator began freezing up, even on the lowest setting. Freezer seemed to be working fine. The water dispenser quit working at the same time, which I thought was due to the water line freezing since it runs through the bottom of the fridge. Then the ice maker quit too a few days later - the on/off lever is stuck halfway up and will not release. Could problems be related? I replaced the water inlet valve ps7784018 about 3 years ago and again in may of 2017, both times because water dispenser quit and it fixed the problem both times. But the refrigerator was not freezing things then. I did clean the coils after the first day of the problem and it didn't make a difference. Unit also started making a clicking sound this summer that seems to be part of the ice maker cycle.

Jennifer for model number FRS26LF8CW2

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for the question. Sounds like the water lines and the ice door chute are frozen as well. If you fix the issue with the fridge being to cold it should also fix the dispenser and ice problems. I would start with the Defrost Thermostat Kit. With the issues you are having this is the most common part to be replaced to fix the issue. Hope this helps!

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Fridge quit cooling, blowing warm air. Purchased thermostat replacement and replaced; started cooling again for just a few hours, but now blowing warm air again. All fans working. Is control board the culprit?

Roy for model number frs23hf5aw5

Ho Roy, Thank you for the question. It is a good idea to check the Adaptive Defrost Control Board. This seems to be a common part when the freezer is working and fridge section is warm. Hope this helps!

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Installation Instructions Provided by PartSelect customers like you.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Screw drivers
Customer: Jack from Manteca, CA

Refridgerator too cold adjustment no good.

First I replaced the Defrost Thermostat on the coil and this did not fix the problem. So I ordered this new ADC (Adaptive Defrost Control)board.
It is not identical to the first ADC board and at least one feature the old ADC did was deleted from the function of the Fridge. Not sure why?
Because the board were different a new wiring harness was provided.
Step 1. Unplug the unit and remove the water filter.
Step 2. Remove the covers off of the unit on the top of the fridge using the 1/4" nut driver and a 1/4" deep well socket with extension for the deeper inset fasteners. This exposes the wiring harness and the ADC board as well as the temperature controls.
step 3. Remove the screws for the ADC on the cover and remove the wiring harness from it. No need to note the wire's positions as the new ADC uses a different connector.
step 4. As you remove each connection of the wire harness from the unit replace that connection with then new harness connector to eliminate any confusion. Do each one. One by one until the old harness is completely loose and the new harness is completely installed.
step 5. Install new ADC which in my case was now enclosed in an orange case. Unlike the one I removed that was and open pcb.
Step 6. Replace covers using the 1/4" nut driver and 1/4" wrench.
Step 7. Replace filter and plug in unit.

Apparently there have been 4 versions of this ADC board through the years. My fridge was built in 2003 not long before I bought it.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
Time to do repair: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Nutdriver, Screw drivers, Socket set
Customer: jim from galveston, TX

Bottom of frezzer cold...top warm...refrigerator warm

I first located the wiring diagram under right frt. of fridge. Using it I troubleshot the problem to be the ADC module. I ordered the ADC module and blower motor that it controls(as a precaution since that is the device that the ADC drives)After removing the icemaker and all the back panels in the freezer you can access the blower motor. The ADC module is accessible after removing the plastic panels in the top of the fridge. Look for a burn spot on the module. Be sure to order the parts using the fridge model # and not the parts # on the wiring diagram(they will have changed since the model was built). Mine needed an updated wiring harness and deleted one of the dampner motors. Be sure to replace one wire at a time so not to get confused of wire location. Pretty straight forward repair if you have some mechanical ability. I have never repaired a fridge before, but have done car electronic work.

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Parts Used:
  • Adaptive Defrost Control Board
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Screw drivers
Customer: Jeffery from Nunica, MI

Power outage for two days took out control unit

take out screws front control panel ,then screws on left panel holding control unit. had to clean up plastic she got a little toasty. unhooked control unit replaced with new and reassembled. The real story is in your excellent web site easy to find exactly what I need and with prompt shipping, I was back in service quicker than having someone come out and repair.

Great Job
Jeff Baker

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: keith from villa rica, GA

Lighting hit the house

first i by passed the timing board, with a ele cord to the fan motor to keep the fridge cool till your parts got here, which was realy fast delivered,
the fan would come on because the board was fried.
it took abot 30 min to install every thind just be carefully unpluging anything.things will break i guess metal eing cold makes the conne4ctors stick together.
evaporator fan is in the frezzer four screws,tested the wires for ohms,and power, when i pluged in the fan i would loss power to the fan,that told me the board was bad, the same night my furnance when to (reaaly) and i lost my borad on the computer ethernet card (lighting isn't fun) it cost to fix everything about 130.00 thanks for thr great parts

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PartSelect Number: PS2582247
Manufacturer Part Number: 5303918476
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