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11764031-1-S-GE-WR55X24064-Run Capacitor
11764031-1-S-GE-WR55X24064-Run Capacitor 11764031-2-S-GE-WR55X24064-Run Capacitor 11764031-3-S-GE-WR55X24064-Run Capacitor https://partselectcom.azureedge.net/Schematics/GE/00119164i06.gif

Run Capacitor

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PartSelect Number PS11764031
Manufacturer Part Number WR55X24064
Manufactured by GE

This part helps the compressor kick on and off while maintaining a constant temperature to keep things frozen in your freezer. This part has been updated by the manufacturer and may appear different than the original, but should function the same.

This part works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore.

This part works with the following products: Refrigerator, Freezer.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Will Not Start.
  • Fridge too warm.
  • Freezer section too warm.
  • Fridge and Freezer are too warm.
  • Clicking sound.

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My compressor is not running and neither is the condenser fan. I don't hear any clicking at the compressor but the evaporator fan in freezer is running constantly. I checked the compressor with multimeter and it's ok also the overload & relay are ok. Will the kit capacitor fix this problem or is it something else?

Mark for model number gss20iepcww

Hello Mark, thank you for contacting us. It does sound like the capacitor, since you already tested the compressor, start relay and overload, the capacitor is the only part left that would help kick on the compressor. Good luck with the repair!

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For a last 6 months, freezer and refrigerator working well. This is a small rental unit and refrigerator provided. Small intermittent dripping inside of refrigerator. Drip was originating from freezer and down through light bulb . Placed container to contain. Dripping volume in container would even freeze at back of refrigerator inside of container. Temp control set to 5. Lately, no more drips, refrigerator is too hot, milk curdles, have turned temp control to 9, compressor humming, freezer pretty good.Tempted to purchase new kit capacitor 12 uf and repair. Anything else i should check prior to procuring?

Mike for model number CTH14CYXLRWH

Hi Mike, Thank you for your question. I would suggest testing your defrost timer, your defrost thermostat, your relay, and your run capacitor. You can test them with a multi meter. If all of those parts are working find it may be your thermostat control that is the problem. Good luck with your repair.

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No water is hooked up to the ice maker. Water is getting on the floor. Thank you

Richard for model number GTS18XCSARWW

Hi Richard, Thank you for the question. I woudl first check to make sure the drain pan is not damaged or cracked and creating a leak. Also check the drain tubes leading tot he pan to make sure they are not damaged as well. You can check the coils to see if they are frosting up and causing the water build up as well. If the there is frost build up on the coils and at the back of the appliance you may need a new Defrost Thermostat,PartSelect Number PS1155320 or Defrost Heater,PartSelect Number PS303768. Hope this helps!

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My refrigerator quit working after i cleaned the condensor arm assy. I just vacumed out all the dust which was caked on the unit. I have no digital display for the temperature on the front of the fridge also no compressor operation or no fans working. I checked power coming into unit and have 120 volts.All i have is the lights inside working so i ordered a mother board and installed it and still nothing. I tried jumpering out the capacitor and also nothing. I checked the mother board for voltage on every wire and it shows 24 volts this happened after cleaning the condensor coil i am at a loss as where to go next.

Raymond for model number gshf3kgzbccc

Hi Raymond, Thank you for your inquiry. If your refrigerator will not start, there are some parts that you will need to check to see which one is causing the issue. You will need to check the capacitor, the temperature sensor, the dc condenser fan motor, the dispenser solenoid assembly, the dispenser crusher motor, the compressor, the defrost heater and the power cord. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!

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Where is the run capacitor on this GE refrigerator? Thanks.

Patrick for model number TBX22FICBRBB

Hi Patrick, Thank you for the question. The Run Capacitor plugs into the compressor at the bottom of the appliances. It has to be accessed from the back of the fridge. Hope this helps!

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You site list 2 parts that might be the problem with my fridge running way too long: Run capacitor or defrost timer.How can i test each of these so i can determine which is defective, before placing an order

BRENTON for model number PCT22SBMALBS

Hi Brenton, Thank you for your inquiry. To verify if the problem is with the capacitor or the defrost timer, you will need to test them with a multimeter. If you are unfamiliar with how to use one there are videos on YouTube that you may reference. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!


My refrigerator doesn't sound like anything is running. The lights come on and thats all. Will the capacitor replacement fix the problem?

Craig for model number GSH25JFTABB

Hi Craig, Thank you for the question.I woudl first test the Overload/Start Relay Combination,PartSelect Number PS1020294.It should read close to 5-6 ohms. You can also shake it to see if there is a rattle, if you hear a rattle it is defective. If the Overload and Start Relay are good you may have a defective control Board. Hope this helps!


Control panel lights r off and compressor won’t turn on.

Terri for model number PDS20MCRBBB

Hi Terri, Thank you for your inquiry. If your refrigerator is not working, there are some parts that you will need to check to see which one is causing the issue. You will need to check the electronic control board, the capacitor, the temperature sensor, the overload, the condenser fan motor and the power cord. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!


Sometimes our refrigerator makes a little clicking/snapping noise. It will usually go several hours in between periods of clicking/snapping. We pulled it out away from the wall, so we could try and pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. We previously thought that it might be coming from the electronic control board, but when we got behind the refrigerator, we could tell that it was coming from the opposite side, close to where the water valve and the compressor is. Would the capacitor make a small clicking sound if it is starting to go bad? Or could the part # 735 ( i forgot what it is called) on the compressor, be causing the clicking? It really has us stumped , as our refrigerator is running great and keeping everything cold. As i wrote before, it is really freaking out our little schnauzers, so we really need to get this fixed. Thank-you, for your help.

Bev for model number GSH25JSXBSS

Hi Bev, Thank you for your inquiry. The capacitor is one of the parts that could be causing the noise, but there are some parts that you will need to check to see which one is causing the issue. You will need to check the electronic control board, the evaporator motor and fan blade, the condenser fan motor and the overload. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!


Hello, hopefully you understand my English; here the facts: My fridge is too cold , all the food is getting frozen, I already set the knob to 1 but nothing happens. I tried setting both knobs to 1 and the compressor continues working for more than one hour, thanks in advance.

Gerardo for model number ABE20EGEBRWS

Hi Gerargo, Thank you for the question. It sounds like a defective Capacitor or Defrost Thermostat. I suggest testing both parts with a Ohm meter to check for the resistance to determine what part is defective. Hope this helps!

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: Less than 15 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Christian from Kearneysville, WV

No power to the fan and compressor

I have a fridge in my garage. I have found that a glass of ice water or a cold drink outside is very important to me. When I discovered melting ice dripping onto the garage floor I was very upset. I spun the fridge and found that the compressor and fan weren't starting. I got out my multi-meter and discovered that power was not making it to these components. I did some research and found the wiring diagram online. There really isn't too much going on with a fridge and the most likely candidate seemed to be the run capacitor. I ordered the part, replaced it in a few minutes and the fridge began working again.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to do repair: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers
Customer: Richard from LONG BEACH, CA

Cold freezer warm frig

After several defrost sessions I realized we had a component problem. Freezer and frig would cool up and maintain for a week or so but then the frog would go warm and the freezer would be ice cold. SO it was then I knew it was a defrost sequence matter. Thanks to Parts Select and their part to culprit algorithm it provided me the several most likely parts to be at fault. Since not having a voltage tester it was R/R time so I started with defrost timer and then went on from there. So all in told the bill for parts was around $120 still cheaper than a repair service call and obviously buying a new unit. Replacing the parts was simple, the most difficult being the defrost heater element but nothing to throw your hands up. My advice is just stay patient, do plenty of research and tackle it, you will save hundreds of dollars. Living without a frig for several days can be uncomfortable but I was absolutely determined to salvage the frig and save money and it was all worth it.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: Richard from Clarksville, GA

Electric surge from lightening strike close to house

Obvious that main electronic board was fried. Refrigerator and freezer both not working although fan was running. Replaced main board and run capacitor. Compressor not running. Pulled starter relay and checked compressor connections for continuity. Checked ok. Ordered starter relay and installed with new capacitor. Compressor started and has been running quiet and cold ever since. Thanks to videos on partsselect website for offering the confidence to try the fix myself. Total spent on parts and shipping,$350. I had electric provider install surge protection behind meter for a cost of $5.70 a month. Hope it works as advertised.

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PartSelect Number: PS11764031
Manufacturer Part Number: WR55X24064
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