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11754738-1-S-Whirlpool-WPW10438751-Electronic Clock Oven Control
11754738-1-S-Whirlpool-WPW10438751-Electronic Clock Oven Control 11754738-2-S-Whirlpool-WPW10438751-Electronic Clock Oven Control 11754738-3-S-Whirlpool-WPW10438751-Electronic Clock Oven Control https://www.partselect.com/Schematics/Whirlpool/B81BNJM2.gif

Electronic Clock Oven Control

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PartSelect Number PS11754738
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10438751
Manufactured by Whirlpool

Board only. Overlay is NOT included. This part controls the functions of your oven such as bake, broil, timed bake and the clock.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool.

This part works with the following products: Wall Oven.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Will Not Start.

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Does this part come with the "clock" face attached to it? Mine has the clock face soldered to it with maybe 30 pins. The pictures shown for the "back" with the electrical plugs is correct but the picture of the front does not show the clock face attached.

Jim for model number RBD275PDS14

Hi Jim, Thank you for your great question. No, the electronic control board does not come with the touchpad attached. That is a separate part that you have to order. I hope that helps!

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While using the lower oven, I heard a few unusual beeps. I looked to see what was wrong. The display panel was completely blank. No time. No oven temp. Nothing. Oven lights worked. Fan was still running. Was able to turn lower oven off. Now I just get beeps when trying to turn on either oven. Still no display. No oven activity 10-20 minutes later: Now the time display has slowly re-appeared and the ovens are working. The display is normal. What happened?

Patsy and Paul Albert for model number GBD307PDS10

Hi Patsy and Paul, Thank you for the question, We do not have this issue in our list of symptoms but it might be a good idea to check and make sure the wires are all connected in the back of the control board and nothing has come lose over time. Also make sure the electrical plug is firmly in the outlet and not causing it to temporally short out. If the issues continue you may need to replace the control board part number PS11754738. Thanks again for your great question!

Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS11754738
Manufacturer Part Number: WPW10438751
Brand Model Number Description
WhirlpoolGBD277PDB09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD277PDB10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD277PDQ09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD277PDQ10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD277PDS09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD277PDS10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD277PDT09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD277PDT10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD307PDB09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD307PDB10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD307PDQ09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD307PDQ10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD307PDS09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD307PDS10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolGBD307PDT09Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolGBD307PDT10Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Double
WhirlpoolRBD245PDB14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDB15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDQ14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDQ15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDS14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDS15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDT14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD245PDT15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD275PDB14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD275PDB15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD275PDQ14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD275PDQ15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD275PDS14Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
WhirlpoolRBD275PDS15Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric