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Exterior Glass Door - Stainless Steel

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PartSelect Number PS11742581
Manufacturer Part Number WP4452315
Manufactured by Whirlpool

Outer part of oven door only - not the entire door assembly.

This part works with the following brands: KitchenAid.

This part works with the following products: Wall Oven, Microwave Oven Combo.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS11742581
Manufacturer Part Number: WP4452315
Brand Model Number Description
KitchenAidKEBC171KBL04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KBL05Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KBL06Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KSS04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KSS05Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KSS06Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KWH04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KWH05Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC171KWH06Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177BT05Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBL0Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBL03Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBL04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBL05Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBL1Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBS0Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBS1Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBT0Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBT03Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBT04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KBT1Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KSS0Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KSS03Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KSS04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KSS1Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KWH0Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KWH03Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KWH04Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KWH05Wall Oven
KitchenAidKEBC177KWH1Wall Oven