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Door Latch - White – Part Number: 00491673
Door Latch - White
PartSelect #: PS8722573
Manufacturer #: 00491673
A door latch is also known as a door strike, this part is made of plastic and it is located on the inside of the dryer door. This part latches into the door catch, located on the front of your dryer, ...
  In Stock
Heating Element Assembly – Part Number: 00436460
Heating Element Assembly
PartSelect #: PS8714887
Manufacturer #: 00436460
The heating element assembly found in dryers is what generates the heat required for the drying cycle. If your dryer is not heating, or not getting hot enough you will need to test and possibly replac...   No Longer Available
High Limit Thermostat - 195 Degrees – Part Number: 00422177
High Limit Thermostat - 195 Degrees
PartSelect #: PS8713194
Manufacturer #: 00422177
This high limit thermostat is a safety mechanism used in dryers. It is a temperature control switch that helps regulate the internal temperature of your gas or electric dryer. When the dryer temperatu...   No Longer Available
Sleeve – Part Number: 00422204
PartSelect #: PS8713206
Manufacturer #: 00422204
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LIMITER-TEMPERATURE – Part Number: 00422272
PartSelect #: PS8713233
Manufacturer #: 00422272
  In Stock
Dryer Thermistor – Part Number: 10010119
Dryer Thermistor
PartSelect #: PS12713270
Manufacturer #: 10010119
Genuine OEM 00154166 Dryer Thermistor. This thermistor is for the the front of the dryer and monitors the temperature inside the dryer.
  In Stock
Light Bulb - 120V 10W – Part Number: 00422173
Light Bulb - 120V 10W
PartSelect #: PS8713190
Manufacturer #: 00422173
Sold individually. This bulb has a European intermediate base.   No Longer Available
Drum Bearing – Part Number: 00618931
Drum Bearing
PartSelect #: PS8728431
Manufacturer #: 00618931
  In Stock
Temperature Sensor – Part Number: 00422221
Temperature Sensor
PartSelect #: PS8713215
Manufacturer #: 00422221
An NTC sensor, or thermistor helps regulate the internal temperature of your appliance. This part monitors the temperature and tells the control board what temperature your appliance is running at. If...
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Door Seal – Part Number: 00649747
Door Seal
PartSelect #: PS8731091
Manufacturer #: 00649747
  In Stock
BELT – Part Number: 00491679
PartSelect #: PS8722577
Manufacturer #: 00491679
  No Longer Available
Leveling Leg – Part Number: 00422201
Leveling Leg
PartSelect #: PS8713203
Manufacturer #: 00422201
  In Stock

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Common Symptoms of the WTVC833PUS

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No heat or not enough heat
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these parts
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Door won’t close
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these parts
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these parts
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Shuts off too soon
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these parts
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no heat on the dryer
Did a quick on line search of the problem and found the Limiter Switch is normally the solution.....loaded the model number in the PartSelect data base and received the correct part the next day (standard shipping)! Replaced the part in about 45 mins and works perfectly. While I was ordering the Limiter switch I figured it was a good time to replace the drum light bulb as well. Again, perfect match. Great experience with PartSelect, will be sure to use them again!
Parts Used:
  • David from Southlake, TX
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Screw drivers
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