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Oil-2 Cycle – Part Number: 730227D
Oil-2 Cycle
PartSelect #: PS9104194
Manufacturer #: 730227D
This is replacement oil for your 2-cycle engine. Oil is important for your 2-cycle engine, as it helps to lubricate the engine parts during operation. This container of oil is 236mL or 8 fluid ounces....
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Cover-Spark Plug – Part Number: 610118
Cover-Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS9052756
Manufacturer #: 610118
  In Stock
Handle-Starter – Part Number: 590701
PartSelect #: PS9035687
Manufacturer #: 590701
  In Stock
Air Cleaner Filter – Part Number: 450255
Air Cleaner Filter
PartSelect #: PS8969786
Manufacturer #: 450255
  In Stock
Air Cleaner Filter – Part Number: 450252
Air Cleaner Filter
PartSelect #: PS8972420
Manufacturer #: 450252
  In Stock
Recoil Repair Kit – Part Number: 590779
Recoil Repair Kit
PartSelect #: PS9044608
Manufacturer #: 590779
  In Stock
Muffler Inc. 274 & 277 – Part Number: 391031
Muffler Inc. 274 & 277
PartSelect #: PS9277856
Manufacturer #: 391031
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Fuel Cap – Part Number: 410280
Fuel Cap
PartSelect #: PS8963523
Manufacturer #: 410280
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Air Filter (Flocked Screen) – Part Number: 450257
Air Filter (Flocked Screen)
PartSelect #: PS8971664
Manufacturer #: 450257
  In Stock
Decal-Warning – Part Number: 35977
PartSelect #: PS9277200
Manufacturer #: 35977
  In Stock
Spark Arrestor Screen – Part Number: 390301A
Spark Arrestor Screen
PartSelect #: PS8959776
Manufacturer #: 390301A
  Special Order
Speed Control Body – Part Number: 570700
Speed Control Body
PartSelect #: PS9033123
Manufacturer #: 570700
  In Stock

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December 29, 2021
Need pic govener and spring on the mother,bought auger but it was off already can't figure how it goes on,. Lol
For model number TC300
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Hi Aaron, Thank you for your question. There is a photo of the governor spring, part number FIX9041215, on our website if you would like to view an image of it. Before replacing the governor spring on your engine, make sure that the engine has cooled and remove the wire and boot from the spark plug to prevent the engine from starting. Also, make sure that there is little or no fuel in the tank before replacing the spring. Then loosen the rope guide wing nut and remove the starter rope. Then use a socket to remove the bolts securing the blower housing cover to the engine and remove it. Then remove the fuel tank from the engine. To install the new governor spring, hook the short end of the spring onto the bracket and the long end onto the governor lever. Then realign the fuel tank and snap it into place. Reinstall the blower housing cover and secure it with the screws. Then depress the bail arm and extend the starter rope and hook the rope onto the guide. Then tighten the rope guide wingnut. Next reinstall the wire and boot back on the spark plug. We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please let us know.

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