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Filter, Fuel – Part Number: A369000460
Filter, Fuel
PartSelect #: PS11826309
Manufacturer #: A369000460
The Fuel Filter is a white and silver, individually sold, steel part. It reuires pliers to install and its installation is rated as Easy. The part attaches inside of the fuel tank and is used to cle...
  In Stock
Nut 5 – Part Number: 90050000005
Nut 5
PartSelect #: PS9148697
Manufacturer #: 90050000005
This OEM nut is a 5mm, gold, metal nut, which is sold individually. It can be installed with a Wrench or Socket and Torque Wrench by torquing to the manufacturer specifications. This nut is used to se...
  In Stock
Gasket – Part Number: V107000010
PartSelect #: PS9237390
Manufacturer #: V107000010
  In Stock
Air Filter – Part Number: A226000650
Air Filter
PartSelect #: PS9179483
Manufacturer #: A226000650
  In Stock
Fuel Cap Assembly – Part Number: A033000070
Fuel Cap Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9180313
Manufacturer #: A033000070
This fuel cap assembly is a genuine OEM part and is designed for use with outdoor handheld power equipment. Replacing your fuel cap is as simple as removing the old one and screwing the new cap on. Th...
  In Stock
Eyelet – Part Number: 72005-92630
PartSelect #: PS9109517
Manufacturer #: 72005-92630
  On Order
Clip 6 – Part Number: V490000500
Clip 6
PartSelect #: PS9238696
Manufacturer #: V490000500
This OEM Clip is a silver, steel part, which is sold individually. The part secures the fuel line to the fuel filter and is rated as Easy to install. You will know you need a new one if there is a l...
  In Stock
Debris Shield – Part Number: C550000391
Debris Shield
PartSelect #: PS10043465
Manufacturer #: C550000391
This part is made from durable plastic material and is sold individually. Please note, the hardware to secure this debris shield is sold separately.
  In Stock
Spring – Part Number: 99909-15520
PartSelect #: PS9178097
Manufacturer #: 99909-15520
  In Stock
Button – Part Number: 99909-15590
PartSelect #: PS9181080
Manufacturer #: 99909-15590
  In Stock
Screw 5x55 – Part Number: 90010505055
Screw 5x55
PartSelect #: PS9150354
Manufacturer #: 90010505055
  In Stock
Nut 6 – Part Number: 90050000006
Nut 6
PartSelect #: PS9151552
Manufacturer #: 90050000006
  In Stock

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November 6, 2022
What size trimmer line goes into the trimmer head?
For model number T270
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Hello Jim, thank you for your question. The trimmer line is .095 to .155 trimmer line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Replace clogged fuel filter.
Thru fuel cap, insert copper wire with hook formed on end. Fish around until you grab the fuel line. Pull the fuel line and filter thru the fuel fill neck.
Pull off old filter and replace with new. Push back into fuel tank & be done.
Parts Used:
Filter, Fuel
  • Keith from NORWOOD, NJ
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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