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Fuel Filter – Part Number: A369000480
Fuel Filter
PartSelect #: PS11826311
Manufacturer #: A369000480
This OEM Fuel Filter is a silver and white, steel/felt, part measuring about 1.25 inches in length and 3/4 inch wide. It can be installed with pliers and is rated as Easy to install by customers. Th...
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Nut-Lh Thread – Part Number: 90051100010
Nut-Lh Thread
PartSelect #: PS9308872
Manufacturer #: 90051100010
The m10 Left Hand Thread Nut is a 10mm, gold metal part, sold individually. This nut is a "reverse thread". It requires a wrench or socket set to install, and installation is rated as "Easy". Use this...
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Split Pin 2x22 – Part Number: 90030020022
Split Pin 2x22
PartSelect #: PS9162863
Manufacturer #: 90030020022
The Cotter Pin (or Split Pin) is a 2x22mm silver metal part, sold individually. It is rated as "Easy" to install, and installation will require a set of pliers. It can be attached in various locations...
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Nut 5 – Part Number: 90050000005
Nut 5
PartSelect #: PS9148697
Manufacturer #: 90050000005
This OEM nut is a 5mm, gold, metal nut, which is sold individually. It can be installed with a Wrench or Socket and Torque Wrench by torquing to the manufacturer specifications. This nut is used to se...
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Spark Plug Cap Spring – Part Number: 15901103432
Spark Plug Cap Spring
PartSelect #: PS9263507
Manufacturer #: 15901103432
This spark plug wire, also known as a spark plug coil or spark plug cap coil, is compatible with various makes and models of hand-held outdoor power equipment and is sold individually. This wire is in...
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Screw 5x20 – Part Number: 90023805020
Screw 5x20
PartSelect #: PS9162459
Manufacturer #: 90023805020
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Fixture-Blade – Part Number: C535000150
PartSelect #: PS9206764
Manufacturer #: C535000150
The Blade Fixture is a silver, metal, individualy sold blade, which attaches at the bottom of the cutting head assembly, being held on by the nut and cotter pin. It is used to secure the blade fixing ...
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Grommet – Part Number: 13211504920
PartSelect #: PS8863912
Manufacturer #: 13211504920
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Cap-Spark Plug – Part Number: 15901203433
Cap-Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS8872647
Manufacturer #: 15901203433
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Screw-4x10 – Part Number: 90024204010
PartSelect #: PS9151586
Manufacturer #: 90024204010
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Control-Throttle – Part Number: C450000060
PartSelect #: PS9189493
Manufacturer #: C450000060
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Lock Nut – Part Number: 90056000005
Lock Nut
PartSelect #: PS9308877
Manufacturer #: 90056000005
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