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Seal, Oil – Part Number: 2503206-S
Seal, Oil
PartSelect #: PS9929160
Manufacturer #: 2503206-S
This oil seal is a genuine OEM replacement part designed for lawn and garden equipment. It is a small, circular rubber seal with a diameter of 2 3/8 inches, used to prevent oil leakage between the gea...
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Gasket, Valve Cover – Part Number: 5205501-S
Gasket, Valve Cover
PartSelect #: PS9965197
Manufacturer #: 5205501-S
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Gasket, Cover – Part Number: 5204111-S
Gasket, Cover
PartSelect #: PS9965171
Manufacturer #: 5204111-S
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Filter, Breather – Part Number: 231419-S
Filter, Breather
PartSelect #: PS8928089
Manufacturer #: 231419-S
This breather filter in your lawn and garden equipment traps contaminants in the breather system to prevent them from entering the engine. As the filter ages, it can become clogged or dirty, restricti...
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Seal, Rear Oil 1-3/8" I.D. – Part Number: X-583-5-S
Seal, Rear Oil 1-3/8" I.D.
PartSelect #: PS9244621
Manufacturer #: X-583-5-S
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Stator Kit – Part Number: 237878-S
Stator Kit
PartSelect #: PS9272440
Manufacturer #: 237878-S
This stator kit (15 amp) is an OEM part direct from Kohler. Composed of metal, wiring and protective plastic, the kit is made for use with many small engines. This component provides the necessary vol...
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Breaker Points- Assembly – Part Number: 4715003-S
Breaker Points- Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9957470
Manufacturer #: 4715003-S
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Gasket, Carburetor – Part Number: 271030-S
Gasket, Carburetor
PartSelect #: PS8937109
Manufacturer #: 271030-S
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Gasket, Bowl – Part Number: 200375-S
Gasket, Bowl
PartSelect #: PS9269950
Manufacturer #: 200375-S
  In Stock
Kit, Retainer – Part Number: 4175510-S
Kit, Retainer
PartSelect #: PS9952812
Manufacturer #: 4175510-S
  In Stock
Repair Kit, Carburetor – Part Number: 2575702-S
Repair Kit, Carburetor
PartSelect #: PS9930471
Manufacturer #: 2575702-S
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Seal, Breather – Part Number: 231032-S
Seal, Breather
PartSelect #: PS8927611
Manufacturer #: 231032-S
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