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Compactor Bags - Package of 12 – Part Number: WC60X5017
Compactor Bags - Package of 12
PartSelect #: PS258002
Manufacturer #: WC60X5017
Using trash compactor bags is a practical way to remove your waste. Because compactors use such high pressure to compress the waste, using compactor bags designed to handle the force are a necessity. ...
  In Stock
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Drive Gear Kit – Part Number: WC36X5071
Drive Gear Kit
PartSelect #: PS257882
Manufacturer #: WC36X5071
The drive gear is located at the bottom of your compactor and helps the drive motor power the ram by operating the chain that powers the compacting ram. If you notice that your drive gear is broken or...
  No Longer Available
Rotary Switch Kit – Part Number: WC36X5008
Rotary Switch Kit
PartSelect #: PS257822
Manufacturer #: WC36X5008
  No Longer Available
Power Nut Kit – Part Number: WC36X5083
Power Nut Kit
PartSelect #: PS257893
Manufacturer #: WC36X5083
This kit includes the power nut and 2 clips/washers. Screws/studs are sold separately.
  No Longer Available
Bag Carrier – Part Number: WC36X10015
Bag Carrier
PartSelect #: PS257772
Manufacturer #: WC36X10015
This part holds the trash compactor bag to make taking out the trash without worrying about tearing the bag. * This part also comes with the 2 handles.
  No Longer Available
SCREW 8-32 X 3/8 – Part Number: WC36X5038
SCREW 8-32 X 3/8
PartSelect #: PS257850
Manufacturer #: WC36X5038
  Special Order
SWITCH TOP LIMIT & DIR – Part Number: WC36X5054
PartSelect #: PS257866
Manufacturer #: WC36X5054
  No Longer Available
NUT ROTARY SWITCH – Part Number: WC36X5011
PartSelect #: PS257825
Manufacturer #: WC36X5011
  Special Order
BEARING ROLLER – Part Number: WC36X5100
PartSelect #: PS257910
Manufacturer #: WC36X5100
  No Longer Available
SCREW 8-18X1/2 – Part Number: WC36X10035
SCREW 8-18X1/2
PartSelect #: PS257792
Manufacturer #: WC36X10035
  Special Order
SCREW #8 - 3/8 – Part Number: WC36X10038
SCREW #8 - 3/8
PartSelect #: PS257795
Manufacturer #: WC36X10038
  Special Order
KNOB ROTARY SWITCH -BQ – Part Number: WC36X10048
PartSelect #: PS257805
Manufacturer #: WC36X10048
  No Longer Available

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January 7, 2020
Runs downward and compresses fine but stays down and stays running, Won't reverse direction and return back up to complete cycle, when it gets stuck down we simply turn control knob off and then it will reverse and come back up to complete cycle and turns off, which part will fix this?
For model number GCG1550F0CC
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Hello Norman, thank you for your question. That issue is usually caused by the directional switch. We would recommend testing the switch and checking the gear kit for damage. I hope this helps.

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Common Symptoms of the GCG1550F0CC

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Compactor ram gets stuck
Fixed by
these parts
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trash compactor ram not moving - broken plastic drive gear
1) pulled the compactor from under the counter and unplugged it. 2) tipped it on its side 3) removed 5 screws (3 on the motor side and two on the bottom) an took off the bottom cover plate. 3) using the pliers i pulled of the retainer clip from the large drive gear(it had broken on only the hub remain attached) 4) i then just slid in the new gear, snapped in the retainer clip and buttoned up the cover plate. Note I did not replace the other parts that came in the package because the existing ones seemed ok.
Parts Used:
Drive Gear Kit
  • william from andover, MA
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Pliers
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One of the nuts on the ram stripped out
1)Pulled the unit out remove the top and bottom covers. 2)Disconnected the drive chain by removing the sproket from the motor. 3)Unscrewed the drive rod on the side that worked and removed the ram. 4)Reassembled and used the bin for trash while waiting for the part. 5)The nut came with clips included (this was not noted in the order but is vital) removed the stripped nut by breaking the old clips. 6)Installed the new nut, clips on the ram. 7)Installed the ram onto both drive screws. I had to hold the 'top sensor' switch up to reverse the screws to lower the ram. 8)Rinstalled the top and the appliance. 2 thru 4 dealing witht the chain, sproket and screw were fairly complicated operations.
Parts Used:
Power Nut Kit
  • kelton from weatherford, TX
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    1- 2 hours
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Socket set
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