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Fuel Line – Part Number: 530069247
Fuel Line
PartSelect #: PS9472280
Manufacturer #: 530069247
This is the replacement fuel line 25 Inch for several OPE products that use small engines. The fuel line carries fuel from the tank to the carburetor. Over time, the fuel line can become badly clogged...
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Tank Purge Line – Part Number: 530069216
Tank Purge Line
PartSelect #: PS9472264
Manufacturer #: 530069216
This part is the replacement tank/purge line for your outdoor power equipment. It is made of clear plastic and is sold individually. The tank/purge line returns excess fuel from the carburetor to the ...
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Spark Plug (Rcj-8Y) – Part Number: 952030150
Spark Plug (Rcj-8Y)
PartSelect #: PS9484192
Manufacturer #: 952030150
This genuine Spark Plug, RCJ8Y, is sold individually, comprised of steel and ceramic, and is white and silver in color. The function of the spark plug is to ignite a mixture of air and fuel in the com...
  No Longer Available
Fuel Pick-up Ass
Fuel Pick-up Ass'y.
PartSelect #: PS9971446
Manufacturer #: 530095646
  No Longer Available
Ring-Piston – Part Number: 545154009
PartSelect #: PS9482766
Manufacturer #: 545154009
This OEM Piston Ring is used to provide a seal between the piston and cylinder wall. It attaches around the piston, inside the groove. It will require a screwdriver, allen wrench, torx wrench and sock...
  In Stock
Carb Gasket/Diaphragm – Part Number: 530069844
Carb Gasket/Diaphragm
PartSelect #: PS9472427
Manufacturer #: 530069844
Note: The beige piece pictured has been redesigned. It no longer has the four corner holes. It now only has 2 corner holes at a diagonal.
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Vacuum Bag Assembly w/ Strap – Part Number: 530095564
Vacuum Bag Assembly w/ Strap
PartSelect #: PS9971436
Manufacturer #: 530095564
This OEM Vacuum Bag holds grass and leaf clippings when the blower is switched to vacuum mode, and is attached to the exit port. It is constructed of white fabric. If broken due to wear/fatigue it wil...
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Rope (3 ft.) – Part Number: 530069232
Rope (3 ft.)
PartSelect #: PS9472269
Manufacturer #: 530069232
The chainsaw starter rope is a three-foot-long white rope that is approved by the original equipment manufacturer, and which wraps around the recoil pulley and is pulled to start the engine. Installat...
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Rope Retain Screw – Part Number: 530016080
Rope Retain Screw
PartSelect #: PS9469228
Manufacturer #: 530016080
This part is the rope retain screw for your outdoor power equipment. It is black in color and is a flathead screw. It is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
  In Stock
Air Filter – Part Number: 530049383
Air Filter
PartSelect #: PS9471292
Manufacturer #: 530049383
  No Longer Available
Screw-Cylinder – Part Number: 530015953
PartSelect #: PS9469181
Manufacturer #: 530015953
  In Stock
Spring Starter – Part Number: 545008011
Spring Starter
PartSelect #: PS9482320
Manufacturer #: 545008011
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January 13, 2020
Were doing find the start an run switch for this blower
For model number BVM200
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Hello Lindburg and thank you for writing. The switch part number: PS9472511 is in the list of compatible items for your model. We hope this helps. Please contact us anytime.

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