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Trimmer Attachment – Part Number: 99944200540
Trimmer Attachment
This part number matches the current model number 99944200540
PartSelect #: PS16757267
Manufacturer #: 99944200540
  No Longer Available
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Screw-5x16 – Part Number: 90023805016
PartSelect #: PS9153138
Manufacturer #: 90023805016
  In Stock
Nut 5 – Part Number: 90050000005
Nut 5
PartSelect #: PS9148697
Manufacturer #: 90050000005
This OEM nut is a 5mm, gold, metal nut, which is sold individually. It can be installed with a Wrench or Socket and Torque Wrench by torquing to the manufacturer specifications. This nut is used to se...
  In Stock
Shield Assembly. – Part Number: 69900440931
Shield Assembly.
PartSelect #: PS9295168
Manufacturer #: 69900440931
  In Stock
Stopper – Part Number: 61024644730
PartSelect #: PS9046288
Manufacturer #: 61024644730
  In Stock
Screw-5x10 – Part Number: 90024205010
PartSelect #: PS9162471
Manufacturer #: 90024205010
  In Stock
Driveshaft, Flexible – Part Number: C506000480
Driveshaft, Flexible
PartSelect #: PS12116547
Manufacturer #: C506000480
This OEM-verified flexible driveshaft in your trimmer is in the main pipe housing and transfers power from the engine to the cutting head or attachment. It allows the cutting components to rotate when...
  In Stock
Spacer – Part Number: 61031507130
PartSelect #: PS9044869
Manufacturer #: 61031507130
The Spacer is a silver, metal part, which is rated as "Easy" to install. It can be attached between the bearing and oil seal in the gear box, to provide spacing between these parts. If broken, damaged...
  In Stock
Knife Cord – Part Number: 69901644330
Knife Cord
PartSelect #: PS9068659
Manufacturer #: 69901644330
  No Longer Available
Washer 5 – Part Number: 90060000005
Washer 5
PartSelect #: PS9162891
Manufacturer #: 90060000005
  In Stock
Ball Bearing 6201 – Part Number: 9403536201
Ball Bearing 6201
PartSelect #: PS9166183
Manufacturer #: 9403536201
This single-row, deep-groove ball bearing is sized at 12x32x10mm and is made of durable metal. It is used to reduce friction and vibrations when it is in between two parts that are rotating or moving ...
  In Stock
Plate-Adapter – Part Number: 61031347731
PartSelect #: PS9044867
Manufacturer #: 61031347731
  In Stock
Seal-Oil – Part Number: 61041307130
PartSelect #: PS9044888
Manufacturer #: 61041307130
The Oil Seal is a black, plastic part, used to seal oil in the gear case assembly. It is installed beside the spacer in the gear case, and is rated as "Easy" to install. Installation will require plie...
  In Stock

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Echo trimmer had narrow shield. Bought wider one which reduced rocks and debris
Easiest repair ever. Turn the trimmer upside down so you can access the string assembly. Find the small hole in the shaft beneath the string assembly and insert a heavy gauge nail into it to hold the shat in place. Turn the string assembly counterclockwise until it comes off. Lift off the round metal piece that was under the string assembly.Find the 3 screws holding the shield in place and unscrew them. Pull the shield off. Install the new one in reverse order. I used the original hex screws as the new ones were philips head. Hex worked perfectly. I was amazed how easy thus was to do.
Parts Used:
Shield Assembly.
  • Robert from COEUR D ALENE, ID
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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