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Edger Attachment – Part Number: 99944200470
Edger Attachment
This part number matches the current model number 99944200470
PartSelect #: PS16757265
Manufacturer #: 99944200470
  No Longer Available
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Split Pin 2x22 – Part Number: 90030020022
Split Pin 2x22
PartSelect #: PS9162863
Manufacturer #: 90030020022
The Cotter Pin (or Split Pin) is a 2x22mm silver metal part, sold individually. It is rated as "Easy" to install, and installation will require a set of pliers. It can be attached in various locations...
  In Stock
Cutter Blade – Part Number: 69601552632
Cutter Blade
PartSelect #: PS9066006
Manufacturer #: 69601552632
The Cutter Blade (or Cutting blade) is a 7-3/4 inch, silver, metal blade which comes sold in a set of two. They require pliers, and a socket set to install and are rated as "Easy" to install by users....
  In Stock
Pas Attachment Hanger – Part Number: P021047620
Pas Attachment Hanger
PartSelect #: PS11826600
Manufacturer #: P021047620
  In Stock
Nut-10 x 1.25 – Part Number: 90051300010
Nut-10 x 1.25
PartSelect #: PS9150910
Manufacturer #: 90051300010
  In Stock
Stopper – Part Number: 61024644730
PartSelect #: PS9046288
Manufacturer #: 61024644730
  In Stock
Flap-Debris – Part Number: C550000110
PartSelect #: PS9192153
Manufacturer #: C550000110
  In Stock
Screw 5x20 – Part Number: V805000160
Screw 5x20
PartSelect #: PS9237279
Manufacturer #: V805000160
  In Stock
Driveshaft, Flexible – Part Number: C506000480
Driveshaft, Flexible
PartSelect #: PS12116547
Manufacturer #: C506000480
This OEM-verified flexible driveshaft in your trimmer is in the main pipe housing and transfers power from the engine to the cutting head or attachment. It allows the cutting components to rotate when...
  In Stock
Flange Nut 5 – Part Number: 90056250005
Flange Nut 5
PartSelect #: PS9162887
Manufacturer #: 90056250005
  In Stock
Washer 5 – Part Number: 90060000005
Washer 5
PartSelect #: PS9162891
Manufacturer #: 90060000005
  In Stock
Spring Washer 5 – Part Number: 90060500005
Spring Washer 5
PartSelect #: PS9152008
Manufacturer #: 90060500005
  In Stock
Collar 12 – Part Number: 30242452630
Collar 12
PartSelect #: PS8946826
Manufacturer #: 30242452630
  In Stock

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I lost them they are used to hang the pas echo attachments
The little hook goes into the hole on the pole the cover gets put in from the big hook facing down towards the smaller hook. Put the smaller hook into the hole than push the cover down with some force then you’re ready to hang the attachment on any hook or anything it can hang off of
Parts Used:
Pas Attachment Hanger
  • AmatoMichael from BROOKLYN, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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