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GREASE – Part Number: 285208
This part number matches the current model number 62641
PartSelect #: PS334450
Manufacturer #: 285208
  No Longer Available
Limit Thermostat – Part Number: WPW10116735
Limit Thermostat
This part number matches the current model number 62641
PartSelect #: PS11748479
Manufacturer #: WPW10116735
This hi-limit thermostat acts as a safety mechanism that keeps the dryer from overheating. With this thermostat, a dryer's heating element will cut out if the internal temperature reaches 225 degrees...
  In Stock
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Rod, Push – Part Number: 2441105-S
Rod, Push
PartSelect #: PS9927948
Manufacturer #: 2441105-S
  No Longer Available
Seal, Oil – Part Number: 2503206-S
Seal, Oil
PartSelect #: PS9929160
Manufacturer #: 2503206-S
  Special Order
Key, Woodruff – Part Number: X-42-15-S
Key, Woodruff
PartSelect #: PS9323611
Manufacturer #: X-42-15-S
This OEM part is sold individually and is a direct replacement part sourced from the manufacturer. The Woodruff Key is used to allow mating parts such as a shaft and gear to rotate together. It is mad...
  In Stock
Oil Filter – Part Number: 5205002-S
Oil Filter
PartSelect #: PS9965179
Manufacturer #: 5205002-S
  No Longer Available
Plug, Spark (Std) – Part Number: 1213202-S
Plug, Spark (Std)
PartSelect #: PS9884824
Manufacturer #: 1213202-S
This Spark Plug is a genuine OEM sourced replacement part for various small engines. It is white and silver, made of metal and ceramic components, and sold individually. The Spark Plug ignites the air...
  In Stock
Seal, Oil (Helix Lip) – Part Number: 2403219-S
Seal, Oil (Helix Lip)
PartSelect #: PS9926357
Manufacturer #: 2403219-S
Made of durable black rubber, this Oil Seal is an authentic OEM part for use in over 150 models of small engines. This part is sold individually, not as part of a kit or assembly. It will be found on ...   No Longer Available
Gasket, Breather – Part Number: 2404167-S
Gasket, Breather
PartSelect #: PS9926403
Manufacturer #: 2404167-S
  No Longer Available
Bushing – Part Number: 2515811-S
PartSelect #: PS9929713
Manufacturer #: 2515811-S
  No Longer Available
Screw, Hex. Flange M6x1.0x30 – Part Number: M-651030-S
Screw, Hex. Flange M6x1.0x30
PartSelect #: PS9320082
Manufacturer #: M-651030-S
  In Stock
Filter, Breather – Part Number: 2405011-S
Filter, Breather
PartSelect #: PS9926425
Manufacturer #: 2405011-S
  No Longer Available

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