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DISCONTINUED – Part Number: 38052
This part number matches the current model number 38052
PartSelect #: PS2040080
Manufacturer #: 38052
  No Longer Available
CASE SIDE-LH, ERSD30IR – Part Number: 38052
This part number matches the current model number 38052
PartSelect #: PS4263487
Manufacturer #: 38052
  No Longer Available
Reactor Assembly – Part Number: 38052
Reactor Assembly
This part number matches the current model number 38052
PartSelect #: PS16705368
Manufacturer #: 38052
  No Longer Available
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Screw – Part Number: 321-10
PartSelect #: PS9942372
Manufacturer #: 321-10
This is a replacement screw, also known as a shear pin that is used in several pieces of outdoor power equipment. It is made of metal and is approximately 2 inches in length. It is a hex head screw an...
  In Stock
Nut-Lock, Ni – Part Number: 3296-42
Nut-Lock, Ni
PartSelect #: PS8953555
Manufacturer #: 3296-42
This Ni Nut-Lock, or Nylock Nut, is a Silver 1/4 x 20 metal nut. Sold individually, it can be adjusted using a wrench or socket and torque wrench to the manufacturer specfications, and is used to secu...
  In Stock
Fuel Tank – Part Number: 35584
Fuel Tank
PartSelect #: PS9277140
Manufacturer #: 35584
  In Stock
Screw-Taptite – Part Number: 32144-41
PartSelect #: PS8950288
Manufacturer #: 32144-41
  In Stock
Bowl Gasket Tecumseh – Part Number: 49-841
Bowl Gasket Tecumseh
PartSelect #: PS9958948
Manufacturer #: 49-841
This OEM Carburetor Bowl Gasket attaches between the carburetor bowl and carburetor in order to seal the parts together. This model is rubber, black, and comes individually sold. Installation is rated...
  In Stock
Nut-Lock, Ni – Part Number: 3296-29
Nut-Lock, Ni
PartSelect #: PS9276436
Manufacturer #: 3296-29
The Ni Lock Nut (Nylock Nut) is a Silver, 5/16x18, individually sold metal nut. It can be adjusted and replaced using a wrench or socket and torque wrench to the manufacturer specfications, and is use...
  In Stock
Fuel Line Clamp – Part Number: 26460
Fuel Line Clamp
PartSelect #: PS8938782
Manufacturer #: 26460
The Fuel Line Clamp is a metal, individually sold part which clamps onto the fuel line, securing it to a port and preventing leaks. Installation is rated as "Easy" by customers and will require pliers...
  In Stock
Brush Card Assembly – Part Number: 35452A
Brush Card Assembly
PartSelect #: PS8957218
Manufacturer #: 35452A
  Special Order
Carburetor Kit – Part Number: 49-916
Carburetor Kit
PartSelect #: PS9958949
Manufacturer #: 49-916
  In Stock
Screw-Hh – Part Number: 321-4
PartSelect #: PS9275735
Manufacturer #: 321-4
  In Stock
Ring-Retaining – Part Number: 32151-61
PartSelect #: PS8950132
Manufacturer #: 32151-61
This metal retaining ring, otherwise known as a snap ring, holds parts in place in your lawn equipment, such as blades, shafts, pulleys, or other rotating components, to prevent them from sliding off ...
  In Stock
Plug, Spark – Part Number: 35395
Plug, Spark
PartSelect #: PS9277103
Manufacturer #: 35395
  In Stock

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Bad Camshaft made of plastic
Ordered a replacement camshaft and had a terrible result. Supposed to be in stock but wasn't. NO update on when the part would arrive. NO contact unless I initiated it. Only email I received stated NO information on when part would arrive. I asked for Customer service to reach out for more details and they balked, did not want to do anything. I insisted and the result was an email stating no idea. No further info from anyone. I figured my next step was to ask for a refund but figured it would not be refunded. I then found a "dead" engine and used THAT camshaft for my repair. Weeks later your part arrived with ZERO notice. I should have asked for a refund due to your failure to live up to your hype. ZERO stars for this junk. Will NOT ever use you again.
Parts Used:
  • Dan from Millstone Twp, NJ
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
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