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Nut-Lock, Ni – Part Number: 3296-42
Nut-Lock, Ni
PartSelect #: PS8953555
Manufacturer #: 3296-42
This Ni Nut-Lock, or Nylock Nut, is a Silver 1/4 x 20 metal nut. Sold individually, it can be adjusted using a wrench or socket and torque wrench to the manufacturer specfications, and is used to secu...
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Bowl Gasket Tecumseh – Part Number: 49-841
Bowl Gasket Tecumseh
PartSelect #: PS9958948
Manufacturer #: 49-841
This OEM Carburetor Bowl Gasket attaches between the carburetor bowl and carburetor in order to seal the parts together. This model is rubber, black, and comes individually sold. Installation is rated...
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Screw-Handle – Part Number: 92-2260
PartSelect #: PS9155070
Manufacturer #: 92-2260
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Bushing – Part Number: 27-6250
PartSelect #: PS8942029
Manufacturer #: 27-6250
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Nut-Lock, Ni – Part Number: 3296-29
Nut-Lock, Ni
PartSelect #: PS9276436
Manufacturer #: 3296-29
The Ni Lock Nut (Nylock Nut) is a Silver, 5/16x18, individually sold metal nut. It can be adjusted and replaced using a wrench or socket and torque wrench to the manufacturer specfications, and is use...
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Fuel Line Clamp – Part Number: 26460
Fuel Line Clamp
PartSelect #: PS8938782
Manufacturer #: 26460
The Fuel Line Clamp is a metal, individually sold part which clamps onto the fuel line, securing it to a port and preventing leaks. Installation is rated as "Easy" by customers and will require pliers...
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Key-Ignition – Part Number: 63-8360
PartSelect #: PS9051002
Manufacturer #: 63-8360
  In Stock
Carburetor Kit – Part Number: 49-916
Carburetor Kit
PartSelect #: PS9958949
Manufacturer #: 49-916
  In Stock
Washer – Part Number: 40-1940
PartSelect #: PS8963619
Manufacturer #: 40-1940
  In Stock
Plug, Spark – Part Number: 35395
Plug, Spark
PartSelect #: PS9277103
Manufacturer #: 35395
  In Stock
Knob-Arm – Part Number: 25-7740
PartSelect #: PS8934468
Manufacturer #: 25-7740
  In Stock
Screw-Hwhtf – Part Number: 49-2040
PartSelect #: PS8985055
Manufacturer #: 49-2040
  In Stock
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Grandson lost the ignition key to my Toro!
No repair, lol! Just a perfect fit for my ignition :). I bought two in case my grandson gets curious again.
Parts Used:
  • Michelle from AYLETT, VA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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