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Splash Guard – Part Number: WP4211334
Splash Guard
PartSelect #: PS11742344
Manufacturer #: WP4211334
The splash guard, also known as a mounting gasket, is used for garbage disposals. The splash guard creates a watertight seal between the sink flange and the garbage disposal ring. The rubber cover cov...
  In Stock
Affresh Cleaner – Part Number: W10282479
Affresh Cleaner
PartSelect #: PS2367638
Manufacturer #: W10282479
There are 6 tablets in each package and it is suggested to use every month. These keep the dishwasher fresh by dissolving and removing odor.
  In Stock
Seal and Nut Kit – Part Number: 4211578
Seal and Nut Kit
PartSelect #: PS357508
Manufacturer #: 4211578
  No Longer Available
Disposer Cleaner – Part Number: W10509526
Disposer Cleaner
PartSelect #: PS12676863
Manufacturer #: W10509526
Affresh® dDsposal Cleaner 3 tablets. Specially formulated to clean and remove odor causing residues with a powerful foaming action.
  In Stock
Start Switch – Part Number: 8174312
Start Switch
PartSelect #: PS391145
Manufacturer #: 8174312
  In Stock
Mounting Bracket – Part Number: 5298ISE
Mounting Bracket
PartSelect #: PS12633221
Manufacturer #: 5298ISE
Flange   No Longer Available
Shield, wire – Part Number: 3622
Shield, wire
PartSelect #: PS12623539
Manufacturer #: 3622
  No Longer Available
Washer – Part Number: 2292A
PartSelect #: PS12612937
Manufacturer #: 2292A
Washer, thrust   No Longer Available
Shaft Seal – Part Number: 4250
Shaft Seal
PartSelect #: PS12613937
Manufacturer #: 4250
Seal, oil & water   No Longer Available
Gasket – Part Number: 2592
PartSelect #: PS12633043
Manufacturer #: 2592
Drain Pipe Gasket   No Longer Available
Screw – Part Number: 5147
PartSelect #: PS12636048
Manufacturer #: 5147
Screw, backup   No Longer Available
O-Ring – Part Number: 1473
PartSelect #: PS12650733
Manufacturer #: 1473
O-ring *Note: Part only fits on the Pro Series. For Badger models part cannot be replaced.   No Longer Available

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Garbage comes back up sink
Fixed by
these parts
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I'm not sure what my project wasm... is the kind that you're interested in. But Ni do have something to say about the product I got from you!
I ordered from you the address cleaner for my Kitchen Aid Dishwasher. I was hesitant about ordering it because, in my experience, these tyo e products are a waste of money and never perform to a level of expectation! But the washer is new and nice and I want to take care of it so in ordered the cleaner. I popped the little pellet in where the detergent pods go. Vli send the door pressed "normal wash" button, shut the door and forgot about it. I forgot about it until I opened the door to put in dishes, ... And BOY!! The inside of the washer was shining so bright I had to put on my sun glasses!! It would have been difficult to not notice how clean the inside of my machine was! No kidding... I was really impressed... in faction glad I got this request for feedback... because I was wondering how to let you j now what a great product this stuff is!
Parts Used:
Affresh Cleaner
  • william from LAS CRUCES, NM
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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Old splash guard torn and worn out.
Part was oversize, as furnished. So, we cut out the central working part and used silicone sealer to install into the disposal throat (above the old guard). Looks great and works like a charm!
Parts Used:
Splash Guard
  • John Wesley from Rochester, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
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