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STUD – Part Number: LM-16041-37
PartSelect #: PS9218009
Manufacturer #: LM-16041-37
  No Longer Available
Washer, Lock, 3/8" – Part Number: LM-09169-65
Washer, Lock, 3/8"
PartSelect #: PS9216812
Manufacturer #: LM-09169-65
  No Longer Available
Washer, Flat, 5/16 – Part Number: LM-09176-42
Washer, Flat, 5/16
PartSelect #: PS9219950
Manufacturer #: LM-09176-42
  No Longer Available
BAFFLE, Mower, 32" – Part Number: LM-16081-88
BAFFLE, Mower, 32"
PartSelect #: PS9218481
Manufacturer #: LM-16081-88
  No Longer Available
GUARD DISCHARGE – Part Number: LM-16083-28
PartSelect #: PS9218484
Manufacturer #: LM-16083-28
  No Longer Available
CLIP, Baffle – Part Number: LM-16083-31
CLIP, Baffle
PartSelect #: PS9218485
Manufacturer #: LM-16083-31
  No Longer Available
SHIELD, Arbor (R.H.) – Part Number: LM-16068-29
SHIELD, Arbor (R.H.)
PartSelect #: PS9218024
Manufacturer #: LM-16068-29
  No Longer Available
Washer, Belleville – Part Number: LM-16057-46
Washer, Belleville
PartSelect #: PS9218011
Manufacturer #: LM-16057-46
  No Longer Available
SPACER, Threaded – Part Number: LM-16073-71
SPACER, Threaded
PartSelect #: PS9218039
Manufacturer #: LM-16073-71
  No Longer Available
Arbor Tube Assembly – Part Number: LM-16086-64
Arbor Tube Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9218488
Manufacturer #: LM-16086-64
  No Longer Available
TUBE ASSEMBLY, Arbor w/Bearing (Not Shown) – Part Number: LM-16087-05
TUBE ASSEMBLY, Arbor w/Bearing (Not Shown)
PartSelect #: PS9218489
Manufacturer #: LM-16087-05
  No Longer Available
HOUSING ASSEMBLY (Not Shown) – Part Number: LM-16075-80
PartSelect #: PS9218044
Manufacturer #: LM-16075-80
  No Longer Available

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