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Deck Adjustment Gear – Part Number: 917-04074
Deck Adjustment Gear
PartSelect #: PS9460630
Manufacturer #: 917-04074
This OEM Deck Adjustment Gear connects to the bracket at the rear of the deck and is necessary to move the deck up or down. If this part fails, installation of this replacement is rated as "Easy" and ...
  In Stock
Bearing-Hex Flange – Part Number: 741-04237B
Bearing-Hex Flange
PartSelect #: PS9455604
Manufacturer #: 741-04237B
  In Stock
Idler Pulley – Part Number: 753-08171
Idler Pulley
PartSelect #: PS10223155
Manufacturer #: 753-08171
Genuine OEM Idler Mandrel Pulley Kit which includes: pulley, spacer/washer and a bushing. This part spins the blade on the mower deck of the tractor. The bearing for this pulley is not sold separately...   No Longer Available
Hub, Pulley, 5/8 Spline – Part Number: 718-04407
Hub, Pulley, 5/8 Spline
PartSelect #: PS9454092
Manufacturer #: 718-04407
  In Stock
Spacer, Shoulder, .884 X 1.9 – Part Number: 738-04162C
Spacer, Shoulder, .884 X 1.9
PartSelect #: PS10006859
Manufacturer #: 738-04162C
  In Stock
Discharge Chute Assembly – Part Number: 631-05229
Discharge Chute Assembly
PartSelect #: PS11812381
Manufacturer #: 631-05229
  In Stock
Pivot Cup, Deck Lift – Part Number: 748-04069A
Pivot Cup, Deck Lift
PartSelect #: PS12087457
Manufacturer #: 748-04069A
  In Stock
Pin-Cotter-1/8 Dia – Part Number: 914-0470
Pin-Cotter-1/8 Dia
PartSelect #: PS9460587
Manufacturer #: 914-0470
  No Longer Available
Top Locknut, 5/16-18 – Part Number: 712-3004A
Top Locknut, 5/16-18
PartSelect #: PS9453902
Manufacturer #: 712-3004A
This OEM Top Locknut measures 5/16x18, is made of metal, and it isused to secure parts in place and prevent backing out from vibration. Replacing this part varies in difficulty depending on the part...
  In Stock
Self Tapping Screw – Part Number: 710-04683C
Self Tapping Screw
PartSelect #: PS11803697
Manufacturer #: 710-04683C
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Pin, Cotter, 5/32, 1.25 – Part Number: 714-0162
Pin, Cotter, 5/32, 1.25
PartSelect #: PS9453947
Manufacturer #: 714-0162
This Cotter Pin is a silver 5/32x1-1/4 metal part, sold individually and certified by the original equipment manufacturer. It connects to the axel shaft after the wheel and washer have been installe...
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Screw, #10-16, 0.500 – Part Number: 910-0224
Screw, #10-16, 0.500
PartSelect #: PS9460420
Manufacturer #: 910-0224
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