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Burner Grate – Part Number: WP2003X030-00
Burner Grate
PartSelect #: PS11738737
Manufacturer #: WP2003X030-00
This square burner grate has sides measuring almost nine inches long. It is all black in color. Sold individually.
  In Stock
Frame Screw – Part Number: WP7101P126-60
Frame Screw
PartSelect #: PS11743908
Manufacturer #: WP7101P126-60
Sold Individually.
  In Stock
Stand Mixer Screw – Part Number: WP4159193
Stand Mixer Screw
PartSelect #: PS11742292
Manufacturer #: WP4159193
This screw is sold individually.
  In Stock
Burner Knob – Part Number: WP7733P045-60
Burner Knob
PartSelect #: PS11744697
Manufacturer #: WP7733P045-60
Sold Individually. This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
  No Longer Available
Gas Pressure Regulator – Part Number: 74006282
Gas Pressure Regulator
PartSelect #: PS2083974
Manufacturer #: 74006282
This valve automatically cuts off the flow of gas at a certain pressure.
  No Longer Available
SCREW – Part Number: 3400023
PartSelect #: PS345999
Manufacturer #: 3400023
  No Longer Available
DISCONTINUED – Part Number: 7720P146-60
PartSelect #: PS2091675
Manufacturer #: 7720P146-60
  No Longer Available
COVER- BUR – Part Number: 7724P004-60
PartSelect #: PS2091709
Manufacturer #: 7724P004-60
  No Longer Available
BURNER, TOP LEFT – Part Number: 7505P160-60
PartSelect #: PS2090204
Manufacturer #: 7505P160-60
  No Longer Available
USE ERP 2908G0077 – Part Number: 7505P161-60
USE ERP 2908G0077
PartSelect #: PS2090205
Manufacturer #: 7505P161-60
  No Longer Available
NUT- PAL – Part Number: 7103P110-60
PartSelect #: PS2078830
Manufacturer #: 7103P110-60
  No Longer Available
SUPPORT – Part Number: W10209410
PartSelect #: PS2342186
Manufacturer #: W10209410
  No Longer Available

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original light grey color grates stained and unsightly--no amount of scrubbing or cleansers would make them look nice.
Opened the box and took out the black color grates~~removed discolored grates and put the new ones on. Looks like a brand new stove and much nicer to look at as it is the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen.
Parts Used:
Burner Grate
  • Linda from Jenison, MI
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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